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Kenya is a land of contrast – highlands and plains; wet and dry; rural and urban and people of all races. This offers many opportunities to citizens, foreigners and visitors alike.

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Business In Kenya

Kenya is the gateway to Eastern and Central Africa and its economy the biggest. lt is a regional hub for investment, trade, business, technology and industries.

Kenya Cities and Towns

Kenya Cities and Towns

Tourism And Safari In Kenya

Kenya is one of the worlds great tourism destinations, known for its diversity of landscape, wildlife and cultures.

Kenya is a world unto itself. Kenya is Africa’s original safari destination, attracting explorers, adventurers and travelers for centuries. A safari to Kenya is a trip of a lifetime.

Education In Kenya

Education system in Kenya is one of the leading in Africa. It has 26,667 primary schools, 6,971 secondary  schools about 1500 colleges and over 40 universities and constituent colleges, with an enrollment of 12.6 million.

Kenyan People and lifestyle

The Kenyan lifestyle is a product of different communities, languages religions and habits that intimately projects Kenya’s rich and diverse cultures.

Kenya People and Cultures

Kenya People and Cultures

Counties In Kenya

We’ve made it easy for you! We’ve organized information by the counties that make up Kenya. You can even explore further and find information Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru and other popular towns in Kenya

History of Kenya

History studies have shown that Kenya is the cradle of humankind, the home of the ancestry of the human race. The fossils recovered in the Rift Valley shows that primates were in the region 23 million years ago.

Kenya Wildlife

Kenya Wildlife

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