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Zetech College

Zetech College Description

Zetech College, located in Nairobi, is a private training institution that is well known for its exciting approach to tertiary education, its high standards in teaching and research. Our current student body is made up of students from Kenya, Sudan, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Ethiopia, Somalia, Comoros, DRC, Pakistan, India among other countries.

Since 1999, over 27,5000 students have chosen Zetech College, with an excellent graduate uptake in the job market and alumni pursuing further studies in local and international universities. Our three campuses are conveniently located within the city. In our vision “To Become A University by 2013”, we have established modern learning facilities so as to aid the proces

Zetech College is a post-secondary professional training institution. We focus on “Developing Careers” of our students regardless of their race, gender and class. As an institution of higher learning, we are committed to academic excellence, innovation, research and critical engagement with society in line to our vision of becoming one of the leading univerisites in Africa.

The Curriculum

Our curriculum is constantly updated to reflect dynamic needs of the industry and incorporates the latest methodologies to maintain a dynamic learning environment.


ZETECH College provides high quality education of international standard and recognition. This is facilitated by creating an environment that challenges students to fully explore their intellectual and human potential; equipping students with skills and attitudes that assist them face challenges posed by globalization.


Zetech College’s vision is to become one of the leading regional universities in Africa for research, knowledge creation and dissemination by the year 2013.

In that vision, Zetech College has collaborated with Jomo Kenyata Univerisity of Agriculture and Technology to offer Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Mass Communication and other JKUAT Diploma and Certificate courses. This is a major milestone in our “Vision 2013” to Become A fully fledged university.

We have been awarded excellent grades in different assessments and our graduates have become marketable after completing their studies. They have also preferred to advance their studies with Zetech College due to the quality of training offered at the institution.

Zetech College also offer training services to corporate entities in Information and Communication Technology, Hospitality, Accounting and Finance among other fields.


Zetech College is affiliated to local and international examining bodies. They include: local and international examining bodies. They include:

  • Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology (JKUAT)
  • Association of Business Executives ( ABE)
  • City & Guilds International (UK)
  • Institute of Commercial Management (ICM)
  • The Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC)

JKUAT Programmes

Zetech College is an accredited centre of the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). The two institutions have visited, inspected and scrutinized Zetech college for the purposes of offering diploma and degree programmes at Zetech and being satisfied, have accredited us as their centre .We offer Degrees , Diplomas and Certificate Courses

Executive Certificate in Enterprise Management – ECEM

The program has been designed to provide practical business knowledge, skills and competencies to entrepreneurs who are already running businesses but would like to grow to the next level. The program focuses on the entrepreneur’s personal and entrepreneurial development, enabling them to exploit opportunities in the business world

Zetech College Courses Offered

  1. Advanced Diploma in Purchasing and Supply Management()
  2. Advanced Diploma in Tourism and Business Studies(Tourism and Business Studies)
  3. Airline Cabin Crew Training(Airline Cabin Crew)
  4. Certificate in Early Childhood Development and Education(ECDE)
  5. Certificate in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)
  6. Certificate in Journalism & Mass Communication(Journalism & Mass Communication)
  7. Diploma in Customer Service(Customer Service)
  8. Diploma in Food and Beverage Sales and Services(Food and Beverage)
  9. Diploma in Food and Beverage Management(Food and Beverage Management)
  10. Diploma in Food Production(Food Production)
  11. Diploma in Hospitality Management(Hospitality Management)
  12. Diploma in House Keeping and Accomodation()
  13. Diploma in Human Resource Development(Human Resource Development)
  14. Diploma in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality()
  15. Diploma in Travel & Tourism(Travel & Tourism)
  16. Diploma in Tour Guiding and Administration(Tour Guiding)
  17. Diploma in Sales & Marketing(Sales & Marketing)
  18. Diploma in Retail Management(Retail Management)
  19. Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management(Hospitality Management)
  20. Certificate in Business management(Business Management)
  21. Certificate in Sales & Marketing(Sales & Marketing)
  22. Certificate in tour operations and tour guide(French/spanish)
  23. Certificate in Tourism Management(Tourism Management)
  24. Diploma in Accounting and Finance(Accounting and Finance)
  25. Diploma in Business Management(Business Management)
  26. Diploma in Business Studies(Business Studies)
  27. Diploma in Catering and Accommodation(Catering and Accommodation)
  28. Diploma in Community Development and Social Work(Community Development and Social Work)
  29. Diploma in Dietetics Management(Dietetics Management)
  30. Diploma in Early Childhood Development and Education(Early Childhood Development)
  31. Diploma in Front Office Operation & Administration(Front Office)
  32. Diploma in Marketing(Marketing)
  33. Diploma in Media Techniques – Print Journalism()
  34. Diploma in Media Techniques – Radio Studio Production()
  35. Diploma in Media Techniques – Video Production()
  36. Diploma in Tourism Management(Tourism Management)
  37. Diploma in Supplies Management(Supplies Management)
  38. Certificate in Community Development(Community Development)
  39. Certificate in Food and Beverage Production, Sales and Service(Food Production)
  40. Advanced Diploma in Electronics Engineering()
  41. Advanced Diploma in Information Technology(Information Technology)
  42. Certificate in Electrical & Electronics Engineering(Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
  43. Diploma in Electronics Engineering(Electronics Engineering)
  44. Diploma in Information Technology(Information Technology)
  45. Diploma in Computer Studies(Computer Studies)
  46. Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering(Electrical and Electronics )
  47. Diploma in Electrical Engineering(Electrical Engineering)
  48. Diploma in Electronics and Computing Systems(Electronics)
  49. Diploma in Information Communication Technology(ICT)
  50. Bachelor of Business Information Technology(BBIT)
  51. Bachelor of Business and Office Management(Business and Office Management)
  52. Bachelor of Commerce(Commerce)
  53. Bachelor of Commerce and Business Administration(Commerce & Business Administration)
  54. Bachelor of Mass Communication(Mass Communication)
  55. Bachelor of Purchasing and Supplies Management(Purchasing and Supplies Management)
  56. Bachelor of Science(Information Technology)
  57. Bridging Course in English(English)
  58. Bridging Course in Mathematics(Mathematics)
  59. Certificate in HIV/AIDS Management()
  60. Certificate in Information Technology(Information Technology)
  61. Certificate in Purchasing and Supplies Management()
  62. Diploma in Business Administration(Business Administration)
  63. Diploma in Business Information Technology()
  64. Diploma in Community Development(Community Development)
  65. Diploma in HIV and AIDS Counseling and Management(HIV & AIDS Couseling)
  66. Diploma in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)
  67. Diploma in Mass Communication(Mass Communication)
  68. Diploma in Microfinance(Microfinance)
  69. Diploma in Public Relations(Public Relations)
  70. Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management(Purchasing and Supplies)
  71. Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies(Journalism and Media Studies)
  72. Diploma in Journalism(Journalism)
  73. Diploma in Marketing Advertising and Public Relations()
  74. Diploma in Office and Business Management(Office and Business Management)
  75. Diploma in Purchasing & Supply Management(Purchasing & Supply Management)

Zetech College Intake

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Zetech College Application Form

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Zetech College – Contacts

Mobile: 0716 600 116 / 0720 554 555
Landline: 208011765 / 208011766
WhatsApp: 0706622557
Facebook: Zetech University
Twitter: @ZetechUni
Instagram: Zetech_university


Pioneer House
2nd Flr
Moi Ave/Haile Selasie
Ave Round About
Tel. 020-3007764
Cell. 0714-588869


Reliance Centre
4th Floor
Woodvale Grove
Tel. 020-4452761
Cell. 0720-000320/0770-210720


Summit House
2nd Floor
Moi Ave/Monrovia Lane
Opp. Central Police Station
Tel. 020-312427
Cell. 0714-588863/0770210725


Church House
2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th & 8th Flr
Moi Ave/Haile Selasie
Ave Round About
Tel. 020-2217209
Cell. 0711-800009/0770-210723

Location of Zetech College


Zetech College

Zetech College

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