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Kenchic Limited

Kenchic Limited
Kenchic Limited
Kenchic Limited is the largest fully integrated poultry company in East and Central Africa with a grandparent operation, broiler and layer parent stock, hatchery, commercial broiler farms and a processing plant.

The company has been in operation in Kenya since 1983, and over the years the operation has grown both in product quality and capacity. Currently, the company has a capacity to produce 500,000 commercial day old chicks and 30,000 day old parent stock chicks weekly.

The company also produces another 35,000 layer pullets per week. The processing plant has a capacity to process 12,000 birds per day on a one shift basis. Kenchic Limited is recognized internationally through its association with world leading breed suppliers such as Arbor Acres and Hendrix Genetics, for whom Kenchic has the exclusive distribution agreement in East and Central Africa.

Physical Location: LIBRA HOUSE, OFF MOMBASA ROAD - Nairobi
Country: Select
Telephone: 254 20 554856/558102/ 537425/6
254 20 641631/ 651638

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Kenchic Limited

  • Joyce

    These contacts are not working and I need day old chicks urgently.

    Cell: 0720508991


  • mworia kirera

    the contacts are no working . Day old chicks wanted

  • Engola Patrick

    Engola Patrick
    Jinja Town


    I recently bought Kenchic Broilers from your dealers in Kampala and would like to get professional advice from you on the following:-

    1- Recommended space for each layer chick up to maturity?
    2- Recommended space for each broiler chick up to maturity?
    3- Is it possible to mix layers and broilers up to maturity?
    4- What are the feed mixture ingredients to be used during the different stages of growth for the different types?
    5- What is roughly the food ration to each chick during the different stages of growth for the different types?
    6- What immunization schedule is best for the different types?
    7- What are the different breeds that one can buy from you and what are their advantages?
    8- Is it advisable to use wood shavings in chicken houses to stop the droppings from smelling there in? If so, after what period should we change over?
    Wishing and Praying for the earliest possible reply from you.
    Engola Patrick.

  • Tom

    What are the prices of layers one day old, cock rels one day old and kenbrew one day old

  • peter thuo

    need to buy broiler parent stock do you sell the chicks

  • anthony mogbo

    For your kind attention please


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    Three months before his death, on my advice as his lawyer he deposited the sum of US$12.000,000.00 (Twelve Million United States Dollars ) in a fixed deposit account with a Bank here in Europe . As his lawyer, the bank have mandated me to present any family heir/inheritor for claims before the deposit gets confisicated as none claimed deposit by the bank ,so I decided to search for any of my late client’s relative which has been very difficult for me as he did not declare any other person, address, partner or relatives in the official paper works that is with me .

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    If this proposal does offend your moral values please pardon me otherwise reply me.

    Best regards

    Barrister Anthony (Esq )

  • Henry musoke

    I need day old chicks urgently in Uganda how possible is it and at what price

  • kennedy mutiso katiku

    you are doing good

  • Henry Kiragu

    I would like to buy 100 broiler parent stock chicks where can I get them?. I live in Ongata Rongai.

  • Ndutitu

    you are just a common con men that we are used to.

  • Ndutitu

    you are just a common con men that we are used to.

  • Ndutitu

    you are just a common con men that we are used to.

  • Lytonemmanuel

    what do put in they feeds

  • Lytonemmanuel

    what do put in they feeds

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