Foreign Embassies in Kenya

Kenya’s Foreign policy

Kenya’s goal is to become a middle-income economy that provides high quality life to all its citizens by 2030.

To help achieve this objective, Kenya’s foreign policy is tailored to promote and protect its national and international interest. The aim is to ensure a peaceful and prosperous country contributing to a stable continent and better international understanding.

The underlying principles of this policy have been a robust advocacy for a rule-based international system, environmental sustainability, equitable development and a secure world.

To achieve these objectives the country has developed four diplomatic pillars on which its foreign policy stands:

  1. Economic diplomacy
  2. Peace diplomacy
  3. Environmental diplomacy
  4. Diaspora diplomacy

Kenya is a tenacious champion of peace and political stability in the Eastern and Central African region. It plays this role through the regional Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), the East African Community (EAC) and the African Union. Through this involvement, Kenya seeks to create a suitable environment for regional trade and investment.

It is critical that Kenya consolidates its competitive edge in manufacturing to enhance access to regional markets.

Kenya considers the EAC, IGAD, the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), and the African Union as important strategic blocks in the pursuit of its national goals. To achieve Kenya’s  economic objectives as outlined in the vision 2030, Kenya has, reoriented its foreign policy towards economic diplomacy with focus on enhancing exports and attracting more investments. In addition,

Kenya’s new foreign policy seeks to strengthen traditional ties with Europe, Japan and the US while deepening cooperation with emerging economies in Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East. The aim is to expand the access of Kenyan products to new markets, appropriate and affordable technologies, foreign direct investment and development assistance.

It is, therefore, crucial to develop a robust connection with the Kenyan Diaspora as an important link and invaluable resource. Protecting their welfare and interests optimises the benefits.

List of Foreign Embassies in Kenya

  1. Algerian Embassy in Nairobi Kenya
  2. Embassy of Angola in Nairobi Kenya
  3. Embassy of Argentina in Nairobi Kenya
  4. Embassy of Belgium in Nairobi Kenya
  5. Embassy of Benin in Nairobi Kenya
  6. Embassy of Botswana in Nairobi Kenya
  7. Embassy of Brazil in Nairobi Kenya
  8. Embassy of Burundi in Nairobi Kenya
  9. Embassy of Cameroon in Nairobi Kenya
  10. Embassy of Canada in Nairobi Kenya
  11. Embassy of Chile in Nairobi Kenya
  12. Embassy of Colombia in Nairobi Kenya
  13. Embassy of Cuba in Nairobi Kenya
  14. Embassy of Cyprus in Nairobi Kenya
  15. Embassy of Denmark in Nairobi Kenya
  16. Embassy of Dr Congo in Nairobi Kenya
  17. Embassy of Egypt in Nairobi Kenya
  18. Embassy of Ethiopia in Nairobi Kenya
  19. Embassy of Finland in Nairobi Kenya
  20. Embassy of France in Nairobi Kenya
  21. Embassy of Gabon in Nairobi Kenya
  22. Embassy of Germany in Nairobi Kenya
  23. Embassy of Ghana in Nairobi Kenya
  24. Embassy of Greece in Nairobi Kenya
  25. Embassy of Holy see in Nairobi Kenya
  26. Embassy of Hungary in Nairobi Kenya
  27. Embassy of Iceland in Nairobi Kenya
  28. Embassy of Italy in Nairobi Kenya
  29. Embassy of Japan Republic in Kenya
  30. Embassy of Libya in Nairobi Kenya
  31. Embassy of Malawi in Nairobi Kenya
  32. Embassy of Mali in Nairobi Kenya
  33. Embassy of Mexico in Nairobi Kenya
  34. Embassy of Morocco in Nairobi Kenya
  35. Embassy of Mozambique in Nairobi Kenya
  36. Embassy of New Zealand in Nairobi Kenya
  37. Embassy of Niger in Nairobi Kenya
  38. Embassy of Nigeria in Nairobi Kenya
  39. Embassy of Norway in Nairobi Kenya
  40. Embassy of Poland in Nairobi Kenya
  41. Embassy of Senegal in Nairobi Kenya
  42. Embassy of Sierra Leone in Nairobi Kenya
  43. Embassy of South Africa in Nairobi Kenya
  44. Embassy of Sudana in Nairobi Kenya
  45. Embassy of Swaziland in Nairobi Kenya
  46. Embassy of Tanzania in Nairobi Kenya
  47. Embassy of The Czech Republic in Nairobi Kenya
  48. Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kenya.
  49. Embassy of The Netherlands in Nairobi Kenya
  50. Embassy of The Portugal Republic in Nairobi Kenya
  51. Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Kenya.
  52. Embassy of the Republic of Iraq Kenya.
  53. Embassy of The Romania Republic in Nairobi Kenya
  54. Embassy of The Russia Republic in Nairobi Kenya
  55. Embassy of The Serbia Republic in Nairobi Kenya
  56. Embassy of The Slovak Republic Republic in Nairobi Kenya
  57. Embassy of The Spain Republic in Nairobi Kenya
  58. Embassy of the State of Eritrea in Kenya
  59. Embassy of the State of Israel in Kenya.
  60. Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Kenya
  61. Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Kenya.
  62. Embassy of The Sweden Republic in Nairobi Kenya
  63. Embassy of The Switzerland Republic in Nairobi Kenya
  64. Embassy of The Turkey Republic in Nairobi Kenya
  65. Embassy of The United Kingdom Republic in Nairobi Kenya
  66. Embassy of Uganda in Nairobi Kenya
  67. Embassy of USA in Nairobi Kenya
  68. Embassy of Venezuela in Nairobi Kenya
  69. High commission of India in Kenya.
  70. The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Kenya.

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