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Artificial Insemination in Kenya

Artificial Insemination – AI in Kenya started with the establishment of the Central Artificial Insemination Station (CAIS) in 1946 for the production of semen. Countrywide delivery of AI services since 1966 through the Kenya National Artificial Insemination Services (KNAIS) has been a major contributor to the growth of dairy farming in, Kenya.

Some years ago, the semen distribution was reorganized and privatized. CATS now distribute semen through private agents. KNAIS has become a supervisory organization to oversee private inseminators and works closely with the District Veterinary Offices. CAIS continue to produce the semen and works with international companies like WWS, ABS, Semex and HighChem (E.A. Dairy). Holland Genetics imports and distributes semen via Cooper Kenya Ltd.

The policy of CAIS is to use cows bred from imported semen as bull mothers and take advantage from the genetic potential of imported semen for the selection of bulls for its own semen production.The Government of Kenya still maintains a few Al schemes in parts of the Rift Valley, Nyanza and Western Province.

The Kenya Artificial Insemination Services Department’s vision is to be a world class referral centre for livestock breeding and training in Africa. It aims to provide an efficient, innovative and cost – effective livestock breeding and training services to the African livestock industry.

The department offers quality semen, both locally produced and imported. It also offers embryo transfer (ET) bulls, liquid nitrogen, all Artificial Insemination equipment, multi – ovulation embryo transfer (MOET) services, Artificial Insemination and Business skills certificate course, crop and livestock production refresher course, short courses in animal nutrition, feeds and feeding management and land utilisation and crop protection.

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