Prayer For Our Country Kenya

Dear God, guide our country Kenya. May our people and our leaders place all their faith, hope, trust and love in You.

Dear God, guide our country, the land we love and cherish!

Guide our country Kenya:

  • To nurture the ideals of equality and brotherhood;
  • To provide the opportunities of life for all;
  • To value and protect the rights of individuals;
  • To lift up the unfortunate and afflicted;
  • To honour motherhood and fatherhood;
  • To build up a sturdy and industrious generation;
  • To grant justice to all, regardless of caste or creed;
  • To be strong in battle for the right, magnanimous in victory, and honourable in the establishment of a just and charitable peace;
  • To follow after righteousness and godliness—that alone exalts a nation.


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