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Kenya News Agency – KNA

Kenya News Agency KNA –  At independence, the role played by the information services during the struggle against colonialism in Kenya justified the creation of a domestic news agency to promote national unity, peace and development.

Kenya’s founding fathers invited advisers from Ghana and the then Czechoslovakia to help start the Kenya News Agency – KNA.

Kenya News Agency was established on December 5, 1963 it has grown into the most vibrant news agency in the region. KNA has 24 bureaus and more than 100 provincial, district and sub-district information offices.

No news organisation in East Africa has this formidable grassroots representation. At the
provincial level, KNA is headed by Provincial information Officers.

The majority of staff are in the information officer cadre. KNA collects and transmits news and features to subscribers.

KNA handles news and features of diverse topics, including political, social, economic and cultural stories.

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Department of Information & Public Communications
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