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Nilotes in Kenya

Nilotes in Kenya: After the arrival and several years of settlement by the Cushitic speakers, another group, probably in search of pastures, arrived through the Uganda-Sudan- Ethiopian border region around 2000 years ago. These are the southern Nilotic speakers.

Within some of the localities believed to have been occupied by the Nilotes, is evidence of archaeological materials, similar to those found within localities occupied by the Cushites, indicating some form of interactions between the two groups. There are also some similar cultural practices between the two groups, such as age sets. Some of the economic activities related to the Nilotic speakers include fishing, as unearthed by archaeologists from fish bones and fishing implements like bone harpoons.

The Nilotic groups today in Kenya include the Luo (river and lake Nilotes), Samburu, Maasai and Turkana (plain Nilotes) and the highland Nilotes, including the Nandi, Tugen and Kipsigis.

Nilotes in Kenya