KCSE, KCPE Exam Questions – Leakage

Physics: A Vitz overturns near parliament, calculate the probability that it was slapped by Sonko’s Ego? (5mks)

Kiswahili paper 1: Kwenye picha ya Ole Kiyapi uliyopewa, jaza pengo.” (alama kumi)

Biology: If Miguna Miguna was a Mid Wife which words would he use to call babies from the Womb?” (4 marks)

  1. Maths. Which one is the most difficult to understand? (5 mks)
    a. Men
    b. Women
    c. Mathematics
  2.  Kiswa – Andika wingi wa Kibaki… a)Mabaki b)Mmmmwa-Kibaki c)Mkibaki d)Wakibaki
  3.  CRE – Who among these is not a relative a) Brother Paul b) Sister Margaret c)Uncle Moody
  4. GHC – AP stands for: A)Atakumurder Pap B)Abnormal Police B) Askari Pumbavu C)Administratin Psychopath D) Akikuja potea E)Afadhali Punda
  5.  Home Science: Which of the following foods is NOT rich in protein a)Chips Masala b) Chips Funga c)Chips Beba
  6. Maths – Draw with a protractor & pencil how Ruto “jumped into conclusion” & went to the hague
  7. Kiswa -  Maliza Methali *Akili Ni Nywele* *Ujinga ni Weave* *Wazimu ni Mohawk
  8. History:  Discuss: Charging a Vitz KES 300 for parking fees is a form of child abuse (15 Marks)
  9. English: Why do Luhyas go to T-Mall carrying a thermos? Discuss (60mks).
  10. Chemistry: Discuss the chemistry in this reaction… (mwanaume ni effort). (4 marks)
  11. Chemistry II: Starting with soap and a clear Konshens Write the reactions leading up to Gal a bubble. (10 marks)
  12. Chemistry: Calculate the concentration of sugar in “utamu wa yesu”. (6 marks)
  13. CRE: Considering his love for silverware, explain why judas couldn’t have been an Arsenal supporter. (20 marks)
  14. Chemistry: When you send a girl a long text and she replies with ‘K’, which chemical element does that symbol belong to? (2 Marks)
  15. Geography: With the aid of this pic , please explain the Azonto dance (20 marks)
  16. English Paper I: Your Vitz has stalled. What could be the reason A) You’re stuck on a chewing gum. (6 marks)
  17. Maths: Use A Protractor And Pencil To Show How Ruto Jumped To Conclusion And Went To Hague. (15 marks)
  18. Physics practical paper: Using a vernier callipers,calculate mwende’s mouth diameter (in metres) (20 marks)
  19. English: Is it credible to call all Kalenjin ladies “CripsFunga” instead of Chipsfunga considering how hardened they are? (5 marks)
  20. Chemistry: If it takes 3 black ices’ 2 chips funga a #Westlands chiq, How many yokozuna’s will it take to chipo a Eastlands chiq? (3 marks)
  21. English: Use the concept of ‘WTF’ to describe Waititu’s actions and words in his role as a Kenyan MP. (5 marks)
  22. Chemistry: Titrate 250ML of Blue moon triple distilled vodka with a suitable amount of lime juice. Calculate concentration of ARV’s in moles. (40 marks)
  23. English: Use ‘f’ and ‘y’ where appropriate in the statement “Sio Viatu Pekee Vinavyong’aa” to make it resemble the Kiwi advert . (10 mks)
  24. Maths: Using the farasi theorem, proof that Akili ni nywele is only true if species of hair and that of owner match. (10 marks)
  25. History: Name at least 2 tourist camps you know in Kenya: Answer a) Camp Mulla b) Badman Camp (5 marks)
  26. Geography: Which of the following doesn’t belong to the solar system? A) Planet Yoghurt. B) Planet Hollywood. C) Mercury Lounge. D) Earth Dance. (5 marks)
  27. English: Who is a chicken now? A) Redsan B) Mluhya C) KFC (2 marks)
  28. Geog. pp2  – Classify the rocks used by Gor fans and waititu. 1.Volcanic 2.Sedimentary.
  29. Physics prac:using the appropriate equipment unlock the locked china phones as described by the river road business people
  30. Write a composition that ends……and the last thing he said was come baby come..
  31. History paper2- Citing relevant examples, explain why one “should know people”
  32. C.R.E pp1 –  When moses received the two tablets on mt. Sinai were they from Apple or i-Mac? (10mrks)
  33.  BIO P1 – Explain why modern technology does not recognize apple n blackberry as fruits anymore (4mks).
  34. Maths paper 2:Calculate the speed of a poor guy to an mpesa shop if he has received money from a wrong number, given that he has not paid his rent(20mks)
  35. B/S pp2. – using njeri case with Kemboi,explain the emerging source of capital in kenya.(10mks)
  36. Art & Craft; Name Three Joints. Answer: Rafikiz, Changes and Tamasha
  37. C.R.E: How do we know Eve was not Chinese? Ans. She ate the fruit not the Snake
  38. GHC: Where is the Largest migration in Kenya ? A) Maasai Mara B) Thika rd C) Ngong rd D) Jogoo rd
  39. Science: A stimulus is something that makes you react quickly. Like seeing an AP in your rearview mirror
  40. Kiswahili: Andika sentensi hii kwa wingi: Mwalimu aliniita. – Ans: Waalimu walitwitter.
  41. Kiswahili: Kamilisha methali: Mtaka cha mvunguni….sharti a-bendover.
  42. Kiswahili: Kamilisha methali ifuatayo …. “Usipoziba woofer , utachoma pia amplifier ”
  43. GHC: Mwalenga…………… Who was the 1st Luo in the bible? – Nick Odemus.
  44. Kiswahili: Ninajivunia kuwa Mke…
    A) be
    B) ka
    C) nya
    D) nge
  45. GHC: What does G4S stand for?
    a) Gone 4 Sure
    b) Goons 4 Stealing
    c) Gone in 4 Seconds
    d) All the above
  46. GHC: Select a national school you would like to go to after passing your exams.
    A.Starehe boys
    B.Alliance high
    C.Mang’u high
    D.Tahidi High
  47. History: Which street is all Kenyan all the time? – Koinange Street.
  48. History: Name one place in Kenya where you will find coffee and sugarcane growing. – Kahawa Sukari.
  49. English: Use defence, defeat and detail to make a sentense. Answer: De cow jumped de-fence, de-feat landed before de-tail.
  50. Kiswahili: Tunga Sentensi Ukitumia “Jumatatu”. – Nilitembea kwenda tao Ju Matatu Za kwetu Ziligoma!
  51. English: What do you call a KPLC van behind a G4S van? – Mulika Mwizi!
  52. English: What is the opposite of Wetangula – Dryangula.
  53. English: What do you call a window cleaner in Nyanza? -Transparent wall technician
  54. Kiswahili: Translate in Kiswahili: Private School = Shule nyeti.
  55. Kisw pp3(102/3) SWALI LA LAZIMA! RIWAYA YA NGELI YA GENGE Dondoo! “….kigeugeu…..eeeeh kigeugeu…..nikijaribu juu chini nivukeboda….waninigeukia….” Maswali:
    • Eleza muktadha wa dondoo.
    • Taja na ueleze wanaorejelewa kama vigeugeu.
    • Taja na ueleze mbinu ya lugha inayojitokeza wazi katika dondoo!
    • Je mwandishi alivuka boda? Dhibitisha!

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