#SomeoneTellNigeria, #SomeOneTellKenya: Twitter war between Kenya and Nigeria over the mistreatment of Harambee Stars.

It all started with news that Kenya’s national team, Harambee Stars, was being mistreated in Nigeria. And within moments of the story being published online, the fury of Kenyans on Twitter was roused and they began a #SomoneTellNigeria trend. Nigerians did not take the tweet-lashing lying down- they began a #SomeoneTellKenya trend.

And what begun as bid to protest  ill treatment of the Stars spun into an contests to make fun of Nigerians and Kenyans…

#SomoneTellNigeria trend

#SomeoneTellNigeria we dont go to witchdoctors to know our future, we just tweet @MutahiNgunyi”

#Someonetellnigeria that their accent is the reason Jesus hasnt come back

#someonetellNigeria they should get KDF to take care of Boko Haram like we did Alshabaab.

#Someonetellnigeria that they are on the armpits of Africa…..and it really smells there.”

#someonetellnigeria when alexander bell invented cellphone he had 3 missed calls from kenya.”

apparently ua movies are for our househelps we needd telescopes to see stars over nigeria sky

#SomeoneTellNigeria, wait till one of you turns into a goat. Uchawi nayo?!

#SomeOneTellNigeria Kenyan women are beautiful, Nigerian women are handsome.

We use #Nigerian movies to show students wea our ancestors came from. 1 Million yrs ago, our ancestors believd in ghosts #Someonetellnigeria

#someonetellnigeria that we know with their population density their weave stores have a high turn over than @SafaricomLtd

#SomeoneTellNigeria:we are tired of watchn movies where someone opens a casket and the corpse is sweatin

#someonetellnigeria to “weka condom mpangoni” 160 million people is nothing to brag about!

#someonetellnigeria we can throw stones frm Kisumu(kenya) and break that African Cup of Nation Trophy

#SomeoneTellNigeria Chiefs in Kenya call meetings through twitter while chiefs in Nigeria call meetings using drums.”

#SomeonetellNigeria its only in Naija movies where a blind woman tells her son “I see you have come”

#someonetellNigeria that their afrocinema movies are equivalent to our drama festivals.

#SomeoneTellNigeria It is Only in their ‘movies’ that a 35 year old Lady will play the role of a primary school girl.

#SomeoneTellNigeria i would never go to Lagos even on the Atlas.

#someonetellnigeria when they come we shall take them to githurai 4 training

Kenyan women wear weaves to enhance beauty, nigerian (wo)men wear weaves to confirm their gender #SomeoneTellNigeria”

#SomeoneTellNigeria @UKenyatta can buy Abuja willing buyer willing seller & turn it into a zoo. Oga pliz excuse.”

#SomeonetellNigeria to name their artist well not Mathematical squares and brackets

#someoneTellNigeria that you can’t die with an afro and come back as a bald ghost. Kwani kuna kinyozi heaven??!

#SomeoneTellNigeria If Kenya Stops exporting flour to them, they won’t have anything to make witches look scary in their movies.

#SomeoneTellNigeria that only in Nigerian movies do ghosts look left and right before crossing the road.

#SomeoneTellNigeria Aki and Paw Paw press statement after being arrested by Inspector Mwala.

#SomeoneTellNigeria We are tired of watching movies where people are shot on the foot and bleed from the mouth.

#SomeoneTellNigeria whenever Nigerians transit through Kenya our sniffer dogs get overworked. Just …

#SomeoneTellNigeria that harambee stars isn’t our stronghold we have #Kenya7s weka rugby mpangoni!!

#SomeOneTellNigeria we use P-Spuare music in our schools to warn kids of cheap accent & poor grammar.”

#SomeoneTellNigeria #NairobiHalfLife is showing in 46cities across America today 1 movie Kenya

#SomeOneTellNigeria We can disfigure P-Square to P-Rectangle or even P-Triangle”

#SomeoneTellNigeria Only in their movies a woman puts poison in her husbands food.And then taste it to know if its enough,without her dying

#SomeonetellNigeria we export presidents to America, they export thieves and con artists.”

#SomeoneTellNigerians Kenya has 4 presidents. One in Office One waiting to be in office one in the US and one who was appointed by Nigerians & Kenyans BBA

#SomeoneTellNigeria Their whole fashion industry is dependent on two Kenyans: Orie Rogo Manduli and Miguna Miguna.

#SomeoneTellNigeria Fufu is not food…its something that smells bad fuuuuufuuuu!

#SomeonetellNigeria tell nigerians that hata tukilemewa kwa tweets we are waiting for re-enforecement from Tarakanithi…

#SomeoneTellNigeria that we appreciate the fact that their witchdoctors came up with skype via a bowl of water”

#SomeoneTellNigeria Yoruba girls snore even when they’re awake.

“#SomeoneTellNigeria Right now, somewhere in Lagos, an Ibo man is knocking on a lift door,”

#SomeoneTellNigeria u kno its proudly Naija wen u r watchin a movie, then its written 35 yrs later n the Dog in the compound is still aliv

#SomeoneTellNigeria someone tell nigeria that nyeri women can replace their army


“ #SomeOneTellNigeria Gee-sauce didn’t die for their sins…Jesus did!!”


Nigerians did not take the tweet-lashing lying down- they began a #SomeoneTellKenya trend.

#someonetellkenya that obama is the only kenyan that eats three square meals a day.

#someonetellkenya kenyans don’t graduate…they migrate from zoo to the wilderness”

#someonetellkenya Barrack Obama’s Grandfather is the Most Successful Kenyan Athlete. He Ran Away from Starvation!!””

#someonetellkenya that it doesn’t make sense if your feet are quick when your brain is dead.”

#SomeoneTellKenya, Good enough letting you steal Naira and Obi to form Nairobi. Now you are ungrateful?

#someonetellkenyans the only reason they win all those races is cuz they r promised food at the finish line!”

#SomeoneTellKenyans “@mbashees: Welcome to Kenya, where people are darker than their shadows!””

#SomeoneTellKenyans to stop being angry! Someone said the only thing positive in Kenya is HIV

#someoneTellKenyans If not for UN,Kenyans would have been tweeting via Post Office Box””

#someonetellkenyans—Kenyans pick up line =====> “Hey babe, I can Run”.

#someonetellkenyans twitter recognizes only two nations in Africa e.g Naija and SA so shut the fuck up why your big brothers tweet.

#SomeoneTellKenyans their men are so irresponsible ,dey divorce & collect deir brideprice back, their ladies prefer 2 marry a nigerian.

“ #SomeoneTellKenya you know all our Nigerian stars, your TV stations show our movies, but we don’t even know where you are on the map,”

#SomeoneTellKenya that if we like, we will buy over their country including the airports!

#someonetellkenya there is no way to beat Nigerians on twitter, learn from the Ghanian”

“#SomeOneTellKenya USA – Hollywood, India – Bollywood, Nigeria – Nollywood, Kenya? Firewood,”

#SomeoneTellKenya the one beautiful woman dey have is Larry Madowo

In an explosive exchange of tweets the two countries caused the two hash tags to trend globally.


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