The Kenyan Laidy Just4Laughs

Are u this type of lady?

She claims she is worth Ksh 1million
She listens to Riddims
she says thate fae , dthhree and twelof
when talking about some intellect topic
she only
just shakes her head in agreement &

her shoe size is 9 or more
she talks like bonoko
she puts sugar cane in fruit salad
she washes sukuma wiki after cutting it
then adds
water after frying it {supuu}
she has a nyahunyo in her handbag
instead of saying goodnight she says
all mathree deres hoot at her when ur
down the street
her chapos are hexagonal’
She never misses to watch wrestling
when you ask her how she’s doing,
she answers
‘Hakuna wow wow!’
she has wider & bigger shoulders than
you &
arms too”
her legs are more hairy than yours
She Eats her toenails & calls it a
shes asks for 50 bob fare{ and not a
if she plays draft..
She sleeps in a Bamburi Cement T shirt
She was ‘first body’ 4yrs in a row at
some shaddy school I.e (Thurdibuoro
Mixed Secondary, Kisumu East.)
kuvaa paperbag in this rain over her
You tell her how much you love her &
she`s your
sweetheart …She replies: wazi wazi
msee wangu,
haina pressure
Her favourite songs are brues, leggae,
lock lap

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