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Kenya Facts and Information

Kenya – Facts and Information: Kenya is located in eastern Africa and borders Sudan and Ethiopia in the north, Somalia in the east, Uganda in the west and Tanzania in the south.

The Indian Ocean is in the south-east. The country lies between five degrees north and five degrees south latitude and between 24 and 31 degrees east longitude.

Kenya lies exactly astride the Equator, which bisects the country in an east-west direction. The breadth from east to east is about 890km, and 1,030km north to south.

The Indian Ocean coast-line is 536km long, while the total land area is 582,650 sq km. Of this, 569,250 sqkm constitute land area and 13,100 sq km is water.


Kenya’s Official Name:

Republic of Kenya

Kenya’s Location:

Eastern Africa, on the East Cost of Africa along the Indian Ocean at 1 00 N,38 00 E

Kenya’s Land Area:

582,646 sq. km

Kenya’s Capital City:


Kenya’s Climate:

Varies from tropical along coast to arid in the interior.

Kenya’s Time Zone:

GMT +3

Kenya’s Currency:

Kenya Shillings (KSh)


Kenya’s Population:

38.6 million (2009).

Kenya’s Population Density

55 per sq. km.

Kenya’s Workforce Population:

11.85 million.

Kenya’s Literacy rate at age 15 and over:


Kenya’s GDP per capita:

$320 (at purchasing power parity, $1035).

Languages Spoken in Kenya:

English (official), Kiswahili (National), numerous Ethnic tribes or languages.

Kenya’s Student Enrollment:

Primary School in Kenya– 7,384, 800.

Secondary School in Kenya – 912,624.

Universities in Kenya – 91,541.

Kenya’s Political System:

Unitary state with multiparty democracy.

Kenya’s Government & Kenya Politics:

National Assembly with 210 members single-members constituency with, plus 12 members nominated by political parties on a proportional representation basis.

Kenya’s Head of State


Kenya’s head of Government:


Legal System in Kenya

Kenya law is based on Kenya statutory Law, Kenyan And English common law, tribal raw and islamic law; judicial review in high courts; accepts compulsory ICJ jurisdiction, with reservations.

Local Connectivity in Kenya:

Fully Digital Network.

Mobile Connectivity in Kenya:

28 million. (2012)

Internet Users in Kenya:

17.38 million. (2012)

Data Services in Kenya

Ken stream, Jambonet, ADSL services, Analogue leased lines(Kenline), Kenpac, Kensat, ISDN.

Satellite Services in Kenya:

International Broadcast, VSAT, Voicecast.

Global Connectivity in Kenya:

Satellite links. and Fiber Optic