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ICT, Technology, Computer, IT Companies in Kenya

IT Companies in Kenya

Kenya is one of Africa‘s largest economies with a GDP of $32 billion (Sb2.5 trillion) and an average five per cent economic growth rate in the past five years. Information Communication Technology – ICT in Kenya contribute significantly to to this growth.

 The number of Kenyans using new forms of communication has increased rapidly in recent years, with mobile telephony providing the biggest gauge of penetration of new technologies. Ownership of mobile phones has risen from just 40,000 in 2000 to nearly 20 million. Although phenomenal, the mobile sector still has room for growth has just 34 per cent of the population has access to mobile phone services. The percentage of Kenyans using mobile phones is set to rise to 70 percent in the next five years.

Another sector set to experience exponential growth is the Internet. The advent of better international connectivity is going to be beneficial to Kenya’s telecoms market and the Internet in particular. It will also see the growth of new industries such as Business Process Outsourcing, software development and application development.

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Fibre connectivity has the added benefit of placing Kenya in a prime position to take a share of international offshore outsourcing business. This will provide significant opportunities for economic growth in line with the country’s Vision 2030, which aims at making the nation a new industrialising; middle-income country providing quality life for citizen.

The key driver for BPO is the quality of communication services, including the Internet. The BPO plan for Vision 2030 is for Kenya to become one of the top three investment destinations in Africa. Fibre optic connectivity is a key component of this. Kenya’s communication sector is ready to move – and is already moving – into the digital age. New technologies are shaping the economy and changing the way people work, spend their leisure time, access information and communicate.

List of ICT Companies in Kenya

ICT, Technology, Computer, IT Companies in Kenya

ICT, Technology, Computer, IT Companies in Kenya

List of ICT, Technology, Computer, IT Companies in Kenya

  1. BPO Companies in Kenya – Business Process Outsourcing Companies in Kenya
  2. Communication Companies in Kenya
  3. Computer Networking Companies in Kenya
  4. Computer Shops in Kenya – Computers Hardware and Maintenance Companies
  5. Computer Stationery Suppliers in Kenya
  6. Data Companies in Kenya
  7. Data Recovery Kenya – Data Recovery Companies in Kenya
  8. Digital Imaging Companies in Kenya
  9. Domain Registration in Kenya
  10. E-commerce in Kenya
  11. Graphic Design Companies in Kenya – Graphic Designers in Kenya
  12. Internet Marketing in Kenya
  13. Internet Service Providers in Kenya – ISP in Kenya
  14. Mobile Phone Shops in Kenya
  15. Online Marketing in Kenya
  16. Software Development Companies in Kenya
  17. Telecommunication Companies in Kenya
  18. Web Design Companies in Kenya – Web Designers in Kenya
  19. Web Hosting in Kenya – Web Hosting Companies in Kenya

Other ICT Companies in Kenya

  1. A.I Records (Kenya) Ltd
  2. A.I Records (Kenya) Ltd
  3. A.K. Computerlink Ltd
  4. Abacus Computer System
  5. Abacus Computer Systems Ltd.
  6. Aboro Office Solutions
  7. Abovenet Technologies
  8. Access Kenya Group
  9. Accolade Computer Technologies
  10. Accoladebiz Co. Limited
  11. Advance one Ltd
  12. Adwest Communications
  13. Adwest Communications
  14. Afribit Online
  15. Africa Journal Online
  16. Africa Online Kenya Limited
  17. Africa360 Ltd
  18. African Desktop Ltd
  19. AfricanColours Limited
  20. Afrinet Cyber Cafe
  21. Agritrance Kenya Ltd
  22. Air Com Systems
  23. AITEC East Africa
  24. Aksent Ltd
  25. Algomine-Tech Ltd
  26. Algomine-Tech Ltd
  27. Alldean Satellite Networks Ltd
  28. Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa – AGRA
  29. Allicos
  30. Almond Communications
  31. Alpha Ecological Pest Control
  32. Alphabit Technologies
  33. Alphajiri Kenya
  34. Altech Technologies
  35. Alternative Technology Supplies
  36. Alwan Communications Ltd
  37. Amiran Communications Ltd
  38. Andest Bites
  39. Appspool Business Solutions Ltd
  40. Arid Land Information Network
  41. Armaco Kenya Ltd
  42. Ascend Network Ltd
  43. Asper Worldwide Enterprises
  44. Aster Global services Kenya Ltd (AGSKL)
  45. Aster Ltd
  46. Astron Computer Ltd
  47. Atapiy Big Technology Ltd
  48. Attika Crafts Agency
  49. Avant Garde Design
  50. Avtech Systems Limited
  51. Axak Enterprises Ltd
  52. Baobab Solutions Co. Ltd
  53. Begood Computers Ltd.
  54. Bejeris Jamoh the Xpert
  55. Belcom C T Ltd
  56. Bell Atlantic Communication Limited
  57. Bell Atlantic Communication Ltd
  58. Bell Computers
  59. Benjos Investment
  60. Bensa Technology
  61. Bermin Cyber Cafe
  62. Best Telecom Limited
  63. BestComm
  64. Bestell Computers Ltd
  65. BestWebs Systems
  66. BestWebs Systems
  67. Better Globe ICT
  68. Bewa Computer Systems
  69. Big Foot Systems Ltd
  70. Birowaks
  71. Bit Cyber
  72. Bitcomm Technologies
  73. Bizzlab Kenya Holdings Ltd
  74. Bloomerg Limited
  75. Blue Chip Systems Ltd
  76. Blue Violet Interactive
  77. Blueline Synergy Limited
  78. Blueprint Technologies
  79. Blueweb Technologies
  80. Bostelecomputing
  81. Breezenet Technologies
  82. Bridge Ict
  83. Bright Webs Media
  84. Brighter Day Web
  85. Broker
  86. Bromley Computer Systems
  87. Bunduz Creative
  88. Businet Systems
  89. Butterfly Solutions Inc.
  90. Byte Systems
  91. ByTech
  92. Bytech Engineering Ltd
  93. C Hear (K) Ltd
  94. C Hear (K) Ltd
  95. Calais Communications
  96. Callkey Networks
  97. Capital Links Technologies
  98. Capstone Computers
  99. Cellulant
  100. Centriftonline
  101. Centurion Systems
  102. Cerberus Solutions Ltd
  103. Cerberus Solutions Ltd
  104. Charles Makori Networks
  105. Chavs Technology Solutions
  106. Chipukizi Systems
  107. Chirema Telecomunications
  108. Christopher Kyalo Consulting
  109. Chura Ltd
  110. ChwaniTech
  111. CIO East Africa
  112. CIO East Africa
  113. CISI Kenya
  114. Citech-Centre For Innovative Technology Ltd
  115. Citech-Centre For Innovative Technology Ltd
  116. Cloudnine Interaction
  117. Cluster Communications Ltd
  118. CoffeeWorks Solutions
  119. Com Twenty One Ltd
  120. ComChoice Africa Ltd
  121. Comfortrain Computers
  122. Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK)
  123. COMP-USA (K) Ltd
  124. Compulynx
  125. Compusys
  126. Computer Aid International
  127. Computer Lynx Ltd
  128. Computer Planet Kenya
  129. Computer Point
  130. Computer Revolution
  131. Computer Revolution Ltd
  132. Computer Source Point
  133. Computer Technics Ltd
  134. Computer Technologies
  135. Computer Zone Consultants & Supplies Ltd
  136. Comspec I T Solutions Ltd
  137. Comtec Group
  138. Comtec Networks Ltd
  139. Comtec Networks Ltd
  140. Comtel Intergrators Africa Ltd
  141. Comtel Intergrators Africa Ltd
  142. Copy Cat Ltd
  143. Copycat Limited
  144. Crescent Tech
  145. Crossexcel Technologies Ltd
  146. Cyber Africa
  147. Cyber Cafe Pro
  148. Daniche Solutions
  149. Dankam Agency
  150. Dase Creation
  151. Dase Creation
  152. Data Centre Ltd,
  153. Data Display System
  154. Data Perfect Computer Services
  155. Data Sector
  156. Datawell Innovations
  157. Davetech Systems & Services Ltd
  158. Dechtech Solutions
  159. Deep Africa
  160. Definitive Technology Ltd
  161. Delight Africa Ltd
  162. Delisys Delivery Systems Ltd
  163. Design Village
  164. Designergy Company Limited
  165. Difinit Point Kenya
  166. Digi-Tel Limited
  167. Digital Age Institute Ltd
  168. Digital Concepts (K) Ltd
  169. Digital Consulting Group Limited
  170. Digital Distribution Center
  171. Digital Duka
  172. Digital Edge Interactive
  173. Digital Horizons Ltd
  174. Digital Link Ict Solution Provider
  175. Digital Networks
  176. Digitek IT Mart Ltd
  177. Dimension Computers
  178. Direct Communications Systems Ltd
  179. Discovery Ventures
  180. Disney Media
  181. Domains Kenya
  182. Dot Com Laptop Computer Garage
  183. Dot Savvy Limited
  184. Doxa Interactive Studio
  185. Dynamics Era Solutions
  186. Dynasoft Business Solutions Ltd
  187. Dynatch Computers
  188. E-aitec Ltd
  189. E-aitec Ltd
  190. E-Quest Ltd
  191. E-Shops Kenya Ltd
  192. E-Venture Enterprises Ltd
  193. E-Venture Enterprises Ltd
  194. E-World Communication Network
  195. E-World Communication Network
  196. East Africa Data Handlers Ltd
  197. East Africa Virtual School
  198. Eastcom Computers
  199. Easy IT Computer
  200. EasyFax
  201. Eaxpo
  202. Eazteq LTD
  203. Ebenezer Movies
  204. Ebits Online
  205. Eclectics Kenya
  206. Economic Industries Ltd
  207. Ecrown Technologies
  208. Edgeland Infosystems
  209. Elyon Comptch Supplies
  210. Emomentum Interactive Systems Ltd
  211. Emomentum Interactive Systems Ltd
  212. Empire Microsystems Ltd
  213. Encapsulated East Africa Ltd
  214. Encapsulated East Africa Ltd
  215. Endeavour Africa Kenya
  216. Enet Online Solutions
  217. ENI Systems Africa (K) Ltd
  218. Enigma Technologies Ltd
  219. Enterprise Data Freedom Limited
  220. Enterprise Information Management Solutions (EIM)
  221. Entevart Impressions
  222. Epay Market
  223. Epicor Software Corporation
  224. Eribros Media Solutions
  225. Eset
  226. Esjo Media Services
  227. ESRI Eastern Africa
  228. Essar Telecom Kenya Limited
  229. Evolve Media Limited
  230. Excel Excellence in Networking
  231. Express Communications Ltd
  232. Extend Limited
  233. Ezra Onsinyo Birundu
  234. F K Electronics
  235. Fabtech Solutions Ltd
  236. Fairtech Solutions Limited
  237. Fastnet Cyber
  238. Fgee Technology Limited
  239. Finedatta Africa Ltd
  240. Fintech (K) Ltd
  241. Fintech Kenya Ltd
  242. First Itech Ltd
  243. Flannes International Limited
  244. Flint Media
  245. Footprint Computer Solutions Limited
  246. Footprint Computer Solutions Limited
  247. Footprint Computer Solutions Ltd
  248. Foresight Computer Services
  249. Freepac Tech
  250. Frepactech Ltd

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