JAB Procedure for online revision of degree choices

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1. KUCCPS: Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service
2. Procedure for Online Application for Degree and Diploma Courses
3. Online Application for Degree and Diploma Courses
4. KUCCPS revision of courses for KCSE 2013 Candidates
5. KUCCPS Website: www.kuccps.uonbi.ac.ke


The Revision is applicable to only the 2012 KCSE examination candidates who met the JAB cut off point of B (61) points and B- (59) points for female candidates.

Please follow the 8 simple steps below:

Step 1. Visit the JAB website ( http://jab.uonbi.ac.ke)

Step 2. Check the status of your application received by JAB through your school:

  1. Use the link K.C.S.E Admission Enquiry
  2. If you meet the overall JAB cut off point , the following information will be displayed:
  3. Your degree choices and weighted cluster points for each course chosen
  4. The amount of money you are required to pay for revision.
  5. If you have not qualified, or you provide invalid centre and/or index number, you will see the following message:

The index number provided has either not met minimum cut off point (61 for Males and 59 for Females), or is invalid, in the 2012 K.C.S.E. examination.

Step 3. Access Revision guidelines.

  1. Download all the necessary documentation that you will need as a guide for revision; use the link download revision guides or Browse the jab website for all degrees on offer and previous cut-off-points for your reference; use similar degree, degrees, and search degree links
  2. After you have made your final decision on your degree choices, please copy them on a piece of paper in readiness for the online JAB revision.

Step 4. Register online to revise your degree choices or to apply for the first time (for those whose applications have not been received by JAB);

  1. Visit http://jabonline.uonbi.ac.ke) from your computer or http://jabmobile.uonbi.ac.ke from your mobile handset
  2. Use the link Registration and provide the required information as registered during your 2012 K.C.S.E. examination.
  3. If you did not provide a birth certificate at K.C.S.E. 2012 registration use the Option B registration link provided.

Step 5. Update your “personal contact” information if it has changed from what you provided through your former school.

Step 6. Pay the required amount for revision either by Mpesa or Airtel Money; Use the link Payment instructions for more details

Step 7. Log in to the system ( use the link Login)

Step 8. Use the link Application Form to fi ll in your new degree choices that you recorded on a piece of paper in step 3(2):

  1. You must accept the terms and conditions to proceed with the revision
  2. Enter the degree codes for all the courses you have decided to apply for.
  3. Once you are satisfi ed that you have entered the degree codes correctly, save your degree choices.
  4. To view the choices you have made click on View Current Choices

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