JAB – Joint Admissions Board: Revision of degree choices for 2012 / 2013 admissions

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Revision of degree choices for the 2012 / 2013 admissions

This is to inform all the 2011 K.C.S.E examination candidates who scored a minimum aggregate of B –  B Plain of 63 points and in addition, those female candidates who scores a minimum of B Plain of 61 points in the 2011 K.C.S.E examination and may wish to revise their degree choices, that the Joint Admissions Board Revision of degree choices will be carried out from Monday, May 14, to Thursday May 31, 2012. The Revision will be done online, following the procedure outline below:-

Online Revision of Degree Choices


All applicants will require the following as contained in the 2011 K.C.S.E examination Registration Information

  1. KCSE Index No
  2. KCPE Index No
  3. Birth Certificate Number and in addition,
  4. A valid email account (If you do not have an email account you may create a free one with yahoo or gmail)
  5. Enough money in your Mpesa or Airtel money in to pay for revision. i.e. Ksh.500 or 800, whichever is applicable


Step 1.  Visit the JAB website ( http://jab.uonbi.ac.ke)

a)      Check the status of your application from your school. Use the link titled  K.C.S.E.2011  Admission Enquiry

b)        Download and review the revision guidelines. Use the link titled Download Revision Guidelines or browse the jab website for all degrees on offer. Use the links titles Degree Clusters, Similar Degrees, Universities

c)      Taking into account your cluster point for each degree cluster, and considering the previous cut-off points for the courses of your interest, note down correctly the degree codes for your final choices.

Step 2.  Access from your computer http://jabonline.uonbi.ac.ke  or from your mobile handset http://jabmobile.uonbi.ac.ke  to proceed.

a)      Use the link titled Register to sign-up as a new user.
Note:  Your Password is confidential and MUST never be made known to another person.

Step 3. On successful registration you may update your personal contact’ information if it has changed from what you provided through your former school by using the link Edit Contact.  For mobile users, click on link titled Home , to view this link

Step 4.  To access Degree Application Form, you MUST pay the required amount indicated in Step 1 a) through your mobile phone either by Mpesa or Airtel Money following the instruction below:

 For M – Pesa Users

a)      Go to M-PESA on your phone
b)       Select Pay Bill option
c)        Enter Business no. 913900 Enter KCSE 9 Digit INDEX NO e.g. 711702001 as your account number
d)       Enter the Amount
e)       Enter your M-PESA PIN and Send

 For Airtel Users

a)      Go to Airtel -> airtel money option on your phone

b)       Select make payments option

c)        Select pay bill option

d)       Select OTHER

e)       Enter business name UONJAB

f)        Enter Amount

g)       Enter your PIN

h)       For Reference enter KCSE 9 Digit INDEX NO.e.g. 711702001

Step 5.  You will receive two payment confirmation messages.  One SMS from Mpesa/Airtel and another one from JAB.  On receipt of the JAB confirmation, continue with the revision process.

Step 6.  If you had logged out, login in again through the link titled Login to proceed.

Step 7.  Use the link titled Degree Application Form to complete your application/revision as follows:

a)      Read and accept the terms and conditions

b)      Enter the degree codes for the revised degree choices that you recorded in step 1c  and save

c)      The choices you have made will be displayed if you have completed the form without errors. If you find errors indicated in red, correct and save again.

 Step 8:  You MUST Log out for changes to be effected.  This is necessary so as to keep your revision information safe.


  • To view the current choices you have made click on View Current Choices .
  • To change the current choices during the revision period, you will be required to repeat steps 7 and 8.
  • For assistance, an applicant may visit the nearest office of the Provincial Director of Education from May 21 to May 26, 2012, or the JAB offices at the University of Nairobi during the revision period. Enquires may also be made through   jabonline@uonbi.ac.ke during the revision period.
  • The system will open for revision at 00hrs May 14, and close on 24.00hrs May 31, 2012. No further revision will be entertained after the system has closed.
  • There will be no manual revision using physical application forms. Revision must be done online following the procedure given above.
  • All payments for revision MUST be made through Mpesa or Airtel money as explained in step 4 of the procedure.  Any other mode of payment will NOT BE ACEPPETED.




Once JAB completes the admission of K.C.S.E candidates of a particular year, it hands over the lists of admission to the respective universities. The universities are therefore expected to get in touch with their admitted candidates and inform them of their reporting dates. In addition JAB also sends to secondary schools lists of admitted candidates from their schools showing the universities and the courses where they have been admitted

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