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Current and Latest Jobs in Kenya

How to get the most current and latest jobs in Kenya

Getting a Job in Kenya, A GOOD JOB, …is not a function of luck or hard work alone. It requires careful strategic planning and quickness to grasp job opportunities as they are created, not as they exist. The Kenyan Economic Survey indicates that the modern sector generates only 50,000 jobs annually as opposed to the 500,000 new job entrants, i.e. only ONE out of NINE job-hunters will get a blue/white collar job in the modern sector.

With such few jobs being created, it is not surprising that so many young people are TERRIFIED by the prospects of unemployment.

For a new job-hunter, getting a job has become a NIGHTMARE. Many university, college or polytechnic graduates are now doing jobs that may have been unthinkable some years ago. Finding a graduate selling second-hand clothes, or wielding a big ‘rungu’ as an ‘askari’ or a watchman is no longer surprising.

Many organizations have adjusted to the realities of the job market to the detriment of the job hunter. Cases of degree and diploma holders being offered unrealistic, if not exploitative salaries have become common. Others have to part with money, or agree to have sex with their would-be employers before they are given the job. Many of them, desperate, broken-hearted and tired of job-hunting are left with little choice but to accept the conditionalities.

Given the large numbers of people seeking the few job vacancies available, one needs to be skilled in job-hunting to secure a job. This manual aims at helping you become more effective by equipping you with the skills and knowledge necessary for successful job-campaigns. It is often the individual who is most skilled at job hunting and who makes the best impression that ends up with the job, and not necessarily the one whom is most qualified.

Possessing good job-hunting skills pays…at least ask those who have received a couple of offers while their colleagues languish as rejects! Yes, a few jobs still exist for those who know how and where to look for them in spite of the fierce competition in the job market. Many of the recently employed graduates are proof of the fact that you can still get a good job so long as you know how. Many had less experience or poorer qualifications when they begun their job hunting campaigns. What they lacked in this aspect, however, they made up with good self-marketing techniques.

It is said that, it is not the lawyer who knows the most law who wins, but the one who best prepares a case. This article l is about preparing winning cases,. a case that shows your potential employer why he should give you a job and not your competing candidate for the same job. You must always learn what it takes to do to win and stay winning.

  • Who a m I? (Understand your personality and your values)
  • What are my skills and abilities? (Understand your human competence and potential).
  • Where do I want to use these skills and abilities? (Understand the environment that will estimate your potential productivity)

It is important to know the values you desire in a career in order to evaluate different career options. According to one Holland ‘s psychological theory about human personality in relation to work potential, each person fits at least in one or two of the following categories:

Current Jobs in Kenya – How to evaluate the job you fit into:

Latest Jobs in Kenya – Realistic Job Environment

People in this type of work setting place value upon using their athletic and/or mechanical abilities. They prefer working with objects, tools, machines, plants or animals. They treasure working outdoors. They prefer occupations such as mechanic, construction work, fish and wildlife management, laboratory technician, some engineering specialties, some military jobs, agriculture, or the skilled trades.

Latest Jobs in Kenya – Investigative Job Environment

Workers in this setting place high value on observing, studying, learning, analyzing, evaluating, and problem solving through scientific thinking. They prefer occupations such as: design engineer, biologist, social scientist, research, laboratory work, physicist, technical writer, meteorologist.

Latest Jobs in Kenya – Artistic Job Environment

Workers in this environment cherish artistic, creative and expressive skills. They value working free of rules and regulations and like to use their free imaginations. Vocational choices include: artist, author, cartoonist, composer, singer, actor, etc.

Latest Jobs in Kenya – Enterprising Job Environment

This work environment features individuals who find it worthwhile to influence, persuade, or perform for others. They value managing or leading others in order to attain organization goals or profit. Vocational interests include: business executive, hotel manager, politician, salesman, etc.

Latest Jobs in Kenya – Social Job Environment

In this environment, workers value being in contact with people by informing, helping, training, developing or caring for them. These workers are skilled at talking with the people they serve. They prefer vocations such as: teacher, psychologist, counselor, education officer, etc.

Latest Jobs in Kenya – Conventional Job Environment

Workers value dealing with data, performing numerical tasks. They value carrying out instructions and working with fine details. Occupational preferences are mostly within the business world, and include bankers, book-keeper, accountant, financial analyst, computer operator, statistician etc.

A clear understanding of ones personality, values, interests and abilities is something many people rarely take ample time to do. Such self analysis enables one to begin to know what he can bring to a job and what he desires from a job.

Latest jobs in kenya

Latest jobs in kenya

Latest Jobs in Kenya – Job related questions you need to answer:

  1. Where geographically do you want to work?
  2. Do you want to work in a city, urban area or rural atmosphere?
  3. Do you wish to work for a small organization or a large organization?
  4. Do you want to work in the private sector or the public sector?
  5. Where in the organization’s hierarchy do you want to work?
  6. What kind of advancement opportunities do you need?
  7. What salary range is necessary?
  8. How much challenge do you want?
  9. Is job security important to you?
  10. How much travel do you want to undertake?
  11. Are training and educational opportunities important?
  12. How do you feel about transfers?

Current Jobs in Kenya – Preparation for Employability

There are many desperate people out there who have thought out about some idea to actualize it into reality for their survival (Self-preservation and self-gratification) and they don’t have all what it takes to make it come to pass. They even have a cost/price budget or they can and are prepared to make one that can fit the one that can prove that he/she can offer it proficiently and with expert skill.

This is the essence of the fitting into the advertised job and not just qualified for the job. You must prove that you have what it takes to do to achieve what the client exactly needs. Remember that your employer is your client and he/she has a need-void to be filled.

What does this mean to you as a potential employee?

  1. You need to identify the client with a definite defined void-need which you are sure you can fill using the known knowledge, skill, ability (aptitude) and your positive attitude.
  2. You need to identify what exactly is missing to be complete the need-void and what of your relevant aptitude and attitude are required to do the job.
  3. Remember that you have more than what every employer needs. That is why at school, you have been taught more than every employer needs.
  4. It is therefore important that you select only what is urgently needed and valued for the now identified employer/client. That is what will be paid for, and not for your qualifications, but what you will offer as required by them! The clients and employers are always looking for specifics and not generalities of your academic education.
  5. You therefore need to cluster and perfect your packages of taskable knowledge and skills for doing specific jobs. Clients and employers are looking for someone that can do tasks of jobs and deliver expected results. You should therefore review and reorganize your education into viable task clusters, which should fit many problem-solving occupations out there. You are only made to do only one task offered by one employer; can do more and many tasks. Find them out.
  6. Remember that any educated person should be a multi-task worker, multi-employable person, multi-skilled expert, multi-problem solver and multi-useful person . It is therefore important that you know this fact and in fact keep on developing and improving your marketable skills, abilities, and attitudes to stay employable or needed to perform payable services. You should always be asking yourself what tasks can you perform extremely well to earn a price/reward/ salary /payment for? If you have any, then improve it to the level of cutting edge or competitive edge, where by you are either the only one or among the few that can do it to utmost perfection.
  7. Remember that as you perfect your taskable skills and abilities, your attitude will matter a lot. A worker with the right Aptitide+attitude = Acceptable and worth performing worker. You can be good in the skill performance, but very rotten in your attitude, i.e. the way you react to your circumstantial situations. conditions, events and experiences (opportunities). Most people look for positive attitude than anything else. Everyone can do something, but not everyone can respond in the acceptable and positive way to all situations. Your attitude will determine your altitude, and not your skills and education only! Many people spend their lifetime gathering knowledge through education of all kinds, but very little of positive attitude, which is the most essential for ones survival.
  8. Attitude is the ability to react to situations. This can be negatively or positively. Each of these reactions lead to certain predictable results. Each of them is causality to different effects. That is why your attitude will determine the conditions, events and experiences that will be contributive, conducive, and supportive to your success. Attitude can be developed and perfected to affect your general life.

Latest Jobs in Kenya – Identifying Employers

There are many sources available in Kenya to identify prospective employers for your dream job. Following are the sources you will most easily gain access to and should find easiest.

Kenya telephone directories :

The yellow pages in telephone directories list various employers in the yellow pages, with their address and telephone numbers.

Kenya chamber of commerce:

Local chambers will provide a listing of businesses with addresses, phone numbers, and type and size of the businesses

Kenyan Newspapers:

Major national and international newspapers contain job advertisements. It is important to make it a habit to familiarize yourself with career opportunities that are advertised.

Library Sources:

Most libraries contain books, magazines and other sources of career openings, occupational training opportunities, as well as information on further education and scholarships/fellowships. It is good to make it a habit to frequent a library to keep in touch with new economic as well as occupational trends.

University and college placement office:

During your final year at college or university, and even after graduation, you should utilize the university career placement office, in order to have access to information on employment and higher education opportunities that are available nationally and internationally. The university academic advisers and career counselors should be consulted for advice on career aspirations, in order to ease the student’s transition from the school setting to the world of work

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