KASNEB CPS Examination

The KASNEB CPS examination is held twice yearly in June and December. The examination is divided into three parts of two sections each. . Each section consists of three papers.A candidate may attempt two sections in a part together or separately in ascending order but before proceeding to the next part, a candidate must pass the lower part.

The examination is rigorous and standards are high and therefore a candidate is advised to devote approximately the equivalent of eighteen months of full time study for each part of the examination. Ideally therefore, a student should be able to complete the CPS examination in between four and a half and six years.

A student should programme the studies in such a way that makes it possible to take and pass the three parts in a duration of between four and a half and six years following the date of registration as a student of KASNEB. In this way, a candidate will be able to set aside three years as a margin of safety in case of unforeseen circumstances in the preparation for the examination.

Holders of the final CPS certificate are eligible for admission to pursue masters and other higher degrees in reputable universities both in Kenya and foreign countries.

Students taking the CPS examination are advised to look for ways and means of acquiring practical experience so that they can match progress in the examination with competence in performance of duties in the work environment. The practical experience may be acquired during or after the qualification process.

The following are the papers contained in each part of the CPS examination:


1. Organisational Behavior
2. Introduction to Law
3. Communication and Report Writing


4. Economics
5. Financial Accounting
6. Taxation Theory and Practice


7. Management Information Systems
8. Financial Management
9  Company Secretarial Practice


10.  Entrepreneurship
11.  Company Law
12.  Meetings-Law and Procedure


13. Principles and Practice of Management
14. Advanced Company Secretarial Practice
15. Project Planning and Management


16. Strategic Management
17. Strategic Human Resources Management
18. Corporate Governance and Ethics

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