Njeri Mucheru: My husband David Oyatta and our rocky marriage

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Njeri Mucheru

Njeri Mucheru

Njeri Mucheru: My life completely changed for the better when on 5th March 2012, I discovered that my husband had been unfaithful in our marriage. Prior to that date, I believed that we had a happy marriage and that my destiny was to share my life with my husband till death do us part. We were married on 22nd August 2003.

After discovering my husband’s infidelity, I realized that what I believed in as my destiny was not what God’s plan for me was. My husband shunned me and mistreated me in ways which confirmed that he did not care for me at all. I was unable to live with my husband’s unfaithfulness which continued openly even after I had discovered it. My husband was not apologetic at all and showed no remorse for his actions.

I was eventually forced to move out of our home with my 3 young children and seek refuge at my mum’s house. I was forced to start my life afresh, buying a new house, new car and new everything.

I am currently living a new life from the one I knew and I am loving my new life.

The process I went through while struggling to save our dead marriage and having to accept that the marriage I was in was in fact still-born was a gruesome one. I felt myself being whipped and stabbed by my husband’s actions throughout the time that my life was completely shattered. I used to believe that he was my protector until I realized that it was him I needed protection from. At the time that I discovered about my husband’s infidelity, I was on my 9th month of pregnancy with our 3rd born son. The monumental struggle with the spirit of adultery that I faced was intensified by the pregnancy which on its own is usually a difficult experience.

Miraculously, I survived even though I ended up being hospitalized twice for depression. I say that my life changed for the better on discovering my husband’s infidelity because I saw miracles in my life. God drew me close to Him and revealed Himself to me in a very real way when I turned to Him in prayer and scripture reading. I found myself isolated at the mercy of a husband I no longer recognized but during that isolation, I discovered who the God I had been searching for all my life was and how to communicate with Him.

So 5th March 2012 is no longer the day on which my life fell apart as I used to think. It is the day on which my life began. I am now living a life in which I find myself to have become more loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, humble and self-controlled. I believe in constantly changing myself for the better with God’s help and I believe that I am now living on the eternity clock on the Highway that leads to Heaven.

Njeri4God has instilled in me a strong desire to share my life experience to help others understand 3 important principles about life:-

1. You must stop lying if you are to find satisfaction in life. Let truth be your refuge at all times and avoid keeping secrets. Always remember that you reap what you sow.

2. When faced with any hardship however big or small, you must not try to change your life; change you.
Only God can help you succeed in doing 1 and 2 above. Seek Him first and watch all your worries, cares, problems, frustrations, disappointments, betrayals etc fade away before your eyes.

My vision is to form a trust by the name Highway to Heaven through which I can raise funds to establish a rescue and retreat centre at which people can be offered the help they need to discover the same newness of life that I have discovered through various activities and services that I believe can get us all living truth-filled lives on the Highway to Heaven. Among the activities to be offered are: Group Support and Awareness Sessions, Professional Counselling, Life Coaching, Medical Care and Treatment and Personal wellness treatments (beauty therapy and massage therapy).

The Group Support and Awareness Sessions (GSAS) have already started. We held the inaugural session on 31st August 2013 from 3.30pm to 5.30pm when we had at least 30 participants. Children’s activities were also provided. Charges are only Kshs.100/- for refreshments.

The GSAS will be held on every last Saturday of the month at the Multi-purpose Hall of Calvary Worship Centre, Riara Road, next to Makini School www.calvaryworshipcentreiphc.kbo.co.ke.

I hereby extend an invitation to you to join us there on Saturday 28th September 2013 for the next GSAS.

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