Kenyan Passport – Passport Application in Kenya

Reforms have paid dividends, making acquiring a Kenyan passport one of the simplest processes in Kenya.  All an applicant needs to do is fill a form, pay Sh 1,040 ($38) for a 48—page passport and wait for 10 days.

Thanks to technorological advancement, applicants can also apply for a Kenyan passports online. They can also visit immigration offices in the morning before going to work or after. To make this possible, officials in the Passport Section serve clients as early as 7am and as late as 8pm.

Waiting period For a Passport in Kenya

The installation of a system for the issuance of new generation Kenyan passports has reduced the waiting period for a new document from 21 days to 10 days. At the click of a button, an Immigration official can monitor the progress of an application and tell with certainty when the passport will be ready for collection. Process automation has made it possible to track the location and progress of a file. The introduction of a tracking number has simplified the process.

Another key innovation is the use of mobile telephone technology, through a short message service (SMS), to provide the public with information on the progress of their documents.

In 2006, the Government scrapped the requirement that Kenyan passport applicants provide invitation letters from friends, relatives or acquaintances, making it easier for Kenyans to get a Passport.

New generation Kenyan Passport

New generation Kenyan Passport Special features in the new generation passports make it difficult for Fraudsters to use stolen or fake papers. At Immigration points, a concealed camera takes a picture of the face of the person presenting the passport to determine resemblance with photographs submitted during application.

The new Kenyan passports are also fitted with microprocessor computer chips to store information. These and other security features, such as the embossed photograph on the document, make it difficult for fraudsters to compromise the passport. These internationally recognised security features help detect fake documents whenever they are used.

To ensure that crooked travelers do not use bogus passports to enter the country, a forgery detection unit has been set up at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, the country’s main gateway.

Also, a computerised data system, capable of comparing and evaluating personal information, has been installed to intercept criminals before they set foot on Kenyan soil.

Kenyan Passport Application

Kenya Passports Requirements

  • All applicants must fill the application forms.
  • Persons over 16 years of age Form PP1
  • Children under 16 years of age Form PP2
  • Documentary evidence of Kenya Citizenship i.e. Naturalisation, Registration, and Birth Certificates & ID/Card original and copies.
  • Photographs of the applicant taken full face, without head-scuff or wigs. The photographs must have been taken within the last six months of the date of passport application.
  • Photographs may be black and white or coloured and must not be mounted. The size of the photographs must 2 by 1½ inches, machine photos are not acceptable.
  • Photograph Guidelines
  • In case of married woman-documentary evidence of marriage e.g. Sworn Affidavit, marriage certificate.
  • In case of children /people under the age of 21 years of age, written Consent from Father or legal guardian unless one is a member of the Armed forces.
  • The Application must be recommended in section ‘6’ by a citizen of Kenya such as Minister of religion, a Minister or Legal Practitioner, an established Civil Servant or Bank Official personally acquainted with the applicant, but not by immediate relatives.
  • Applicant must be Bona Fide Kenya citizen.
  •  Must demonstrate a genuine reason for travel.
  • Applicant must be capable of meeting travel up-keep expenses while outside Kenya.

For students the following additional documents are required: -

  • Letter of admission to school or college (original and copy)
  • Form 1-20 (for USA college)
  •  Letter of clearance from the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education.
  • Parents/guardians affidavit in support of the passport application Travel.
  • Kenya citizenship-registration certificate for those registered citizens (original and photocopy) and a renunciation certificate and if the applicant is born in Kenya after independence (1963) etc and one of the parents is Kenyan.

Passport Fee

  • Ordinary 32-page Passport Kshs 3,040/=
  • Ordinary 48-page Passport Kshs 4,540/=
  • Ordinary 64-page Passport Kshs 6,040/=
  • Diplomatic 48-page Passport Kshs 6,040/=
  • East African Passport Kshs 940/=
  • Temporary permit Kshs 300/=
  • Application Forms is Kshs 40/=


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