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Mutahi Kagwe Biography, Family, Wife and Children

Mutahi Kagwe Biography

Hon. Mutahi Kagwe was born in January, 1958, he is the former Minister for Information and Communications and the fifth Member of Parliament for Mukurweini Constituency.

He has had a stint at the helm of the Kenyan Parliamentary Committee on Finance, Trade, Tourism and Planning. He holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from the University of Nairobi, and an MBA from the United States International University (USIU) of Nairobi.

In his career Mutahi has been the advertising manager, Mashambani Magazine, and the group- advertising manager, commercial manager and commercial operations director of the Standard Group Limited between 1987 and 1994. He is currently the chairman of Research International, East Africa and the group-managing director of Tell- em Public Relations (E.A) Ltd

He has many professional memberships including the Marketing Society of Kenya, the Kenya Institute of Management, the parliamentarian network of the World Bank, and the commonwealth parliamentary association.

He attended Kihate Primary School (1965- 1971), Kagumo High School- both O levels and A levels (1972- 1977), Nairobi University (1978- 1981), United States International University- USIU (1988- 1992).

Current Political Positions


From 11th March 2013: Senator for Nyeri County

Coalition Member

From 13th February 2013: Member of Jubilee Alliance


From 8th February 2013: Member of National Rainbow Coalition

Previous Political Positions

Aspirant Senator

From 8th February 2013 – 4th March 2013: Aspirant Senator for Nyeri County

Minister of Information, Transport and Communication

From 2006 – 2007: Cabinet

Member of Parliament

From 2003 – 2007: MP for Mukurweini Constituency


From 2002 – 2007: Member of National Rainbow Coalition

Mutahi Kagwe Family, Wife and Children

He is married to Mrs Ann Wanjiku Mutahi and they have four children. Kagwe, Njoroge, Nyawira and Kahumburu.

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