Fear – The worst enemy

Fear Has killed more dreams and ruined more careers than all other causes combined.

FEAR may be the worst enemy of the human species. And it’s been with us since the beginning. The Book of Genesis speaks of fear and it appears throughout the Bible, Torah and Koran. Who can forget the classic line from the Old Testament that was delivered by Job when he said, “That which I feared most has come upon me.”

In fact, it seems the older we get the more prone we are to allowing fear to control our lives.

Stop and think about it. Most children are pretty fearless creatures (unless an adult has already instilled a lot of fear in them). Teenagers and even young adults continue to display mostly fearless attitudes. But as we age many people grow more fearful instead of more fearless.

And it shouldn’t be that way. Since f-e-a-r is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real, we should definitely become more fearless with age because wisdom (which usually comes with age) makes us more apt to see the Truth in a situation.

It is fear (and all of its cousins, such as worry, anxiety, depression, and self-doubt) that will turn your dream of success into a chilling nightmare that haunts you into paralysis.

James Allen

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