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Kenya Market

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With a population of over 30 million people, Kenya offers a good local market for products and services. However, most of the population is in the category of the low income earners.

Kenyans are hardworking and will take full advantage of the improving economy arising from the current economic reforms in the country. Neighbouring Uganda and Tanzania with a combined population of over 87.4 million people, are good markets for Kenyan goods. Their economies are currently doing well.

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COMESA is another market for Kenya. This is a free trade area for members countries and is based on reciprocal agreement. The main Kenyan exports are (in the order of value): tea, coffee, horticultural produce and petroleum products.

Imports include industrial supplies, machinery, fuels and lubricants, consumer goods, food and beverages. Outside Africa, Europe is the main importer of Kenyan products. Other leading markets are Uganda, Tanzania, and the Far East.

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