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TV Stations in Kenya

TV Stations in Kenya: Kenya enjoys a more diverse and liberalised media scene than many other African countries, with a large middle class providing a base for substantial advertising revenue.

ln Kenya today, 108 TV broadcast licences have been issued to 46 companies and close to 20 television stations are on air, while 378 radio broadcast licences have been issued to 80 firms, of which 48 stations are  operational.

TV Stations in Kenya

  1. Kenya Broadcasting Corporation ( KBC) – State-owned
  2. Citizen TV – Royal Media’s
  3. Kenya Television Network (KTN) – Standard Group
  4. NTV –  Nation Media Group
  5. KISS TV – STV Radio Africa
  6. Family TV
  7. Sayare TV and
  8. K24.

Family and Sayare focus on religious themes. K24 is a 24 hour news and lifestyle channel modelled on Americas CNN.

KBC Channel has more than 90 per cent geographical coverage in the country. KBC also has another channel, which is leased out to a commercial broadcaster and broad-casting as Classic TV.

Like Citizen, KTN and NTV, KBC is also on the DStv MultiChoice satellite platform. Free-to-air channels – KBC, KTN, NTV K24, Family TV, Citizen TV, Kiss TV Classic TV, STV and Sayare TV -are private. One-East African TV – is a pan regional African service and broadcasts from Tanzania.

TV Stations in Kenya

TV Stations in Kenya

International TV Stations in Kenya

An international cable television network, CTN, is a pay-per- view service aimed mainly at the upmarket Asian clientele in Nairobi. Oxygen TV  a pay-TV terrestrial channel, also broadcasts in Nairobi.

As many as 40 international channels can be accessed on the MultiChoice satellite pay – TV platform (based in South Africa), with a monthly subscription of about $80 (Sh 6,400). ln addition, international channels such as the BBC and CNN (also available on the MultiCh0ice satellite platform) are routinely re-broadcast on the local Free-to-air stations.

By 2008, Kenya’s regular adult TV audience stood at 15.37 million in a population of close to 40 million. About 12 million children have access to TV