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Nairobi Kenya: Nairobi City – The Safari capital of the world

Nairobi is the only capital city in the world with a national park on its boundaries, making it a prime tourist destination, as well as several other tourist attractions. Nairobi has a diverse and multicultural composition; there are a number of churches, mosques, temples, and gurdwaras within the city. Nairobi is home to several museums, sites, and monuments, plus spectacular five star hotels to cater for safari-bound tourists.

Whether you are visiting Nairobi for business or pleasure there are many activities and experiences that would suit any traveler.

About Nairobi Kenya

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya. Founded in the late 1890s as a British camp during construction of the Mombasa-Uganda railway, it served as a British Provincial capital from 1899 to 1905 before becoming the capital city of Kenya in 1963.

A feature of the central business district that strikes foreign tourists the most is the skyline. Nairobi’s skyline has been compared to many Asian and American cities. The name “Nairobi” comes from the Maasai phrase Enkare Nyirobi, which translates to “the place of cool waters”. Today, it is a metropolitan city popularly known as the “Green City in the Sun”. Besides being the economic powerhouse of the East African region, Nairobi is the only capital city in the world with a National park within her precincts.

Getting Around Nairobi Kenya

Nairobi city is served by Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, the largest and busiest Airport in East Africa. Wilson Airport serves scheduled domestic flights to other towns in Kenya and to tourist destinations such as parks and game reserves. Buses and Mini buses [commonly known as matatus] are the most common means of public transport. The Railway line runs through Nairobi, from Mombasa to Kampala. Its main use is freight traffic, but regular nightly passenger trains connect Mombasa, Nairobi and Kisumu. A number of morning and evening commuter trains connect the city centre with the suburbs.

Nairobi Culture

Nairobi is a cosmopolitan and multicultural city, with many immigrants from other former British colonies.

Where is Nairobi Kenya?

Nairobi city is located at 1°16S 36°48E and occupies approximately 150 km? Nairobi is situated between the cities of Kampala and Mombasa. The Ngong’ hills, located to the west of the city, are the most prominent geographical features in the city. Mount Kenya lies north from the city while Mount  Kilimanjaro is due south-east. Nairobi Fliver and its tributaries traverse through the city and her environs.

Hotels in Nairobi Town

Nairobi is a culinary melting pot with a good variety of cuisine types available. Restaurants in Nairobi cater for all budgets and tastes with dishes from virtually all corners of the globe. All continents are aptly represented, and what is most impressive is the authentic touch that characterizes these dishes The choices are numerous with options for fine dining or casual eats with dining establishments ranging from five star hotels to restaurants offering take away services.

Nairobi Nightlife Guide

Nairobi enjoys a vibrant nightlife with clubs, cinema halls, theatre halls and casinos in the city. Several clubs stage theme nights such as “cultural nites” which feature music, traditional foods and drinks from some of Kenya’s main ethnic communities.

Shopping in Nairobi City

Nairobi offers many shopping options, and is definitely one of the best places in East Africa to buy African souvenirs, which are locally known as curios. There are many shopping malls in the city suburbs where one can get internationally renowned brands of fashion, gadgets, electronic appliances among others. Book and music stores, newsstands, cyber cafes are also in plenty. From large markets to roadside stalls, you will almost be spoiled for choice with the number of options available.

Facts About Nairobi Kenya – Nairobi Kenya Facts

Nairobi Kenya  – Area

684 Square Km

Nairobi Kenya  – Population

Over 3 Million

Nairobi Kenya  – Languages

English, Swahili

Travel to Nairobi – Nairobi Travel Guide

Nairobi is an exceptional metropolitan city that has scores of historical attractions and activities not to be found in other cities. lt is therefore important to know what to expect and where to in Nairobi before leaving home.

Nairobi National Museum

Nairobi National Museum is located at the Museum Hill approximately IO minutes drive from the Nairobi city centre accessible both by public and private means. The museum housing celebrated collections of kenya‘s History, Nature, Culture and Contemporary Art. The museum is also well known as a unique events venue, for the appreciation of Kenya’s heritage amidst workshops, cocktails,  conferences and other functions. Major attractions include art gallery, temporary exhibitions, botanical gardens and nature trail, shopping and dining facilities.


Tel+254 (0) 20 8l64I35

Nairobi National Park

Black rhinos, lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, buffaloes, Giraffe, zebra, elands and wildebeest are the highlight of this amazing park, located only 7km from Nairobi city centre.To the south are the Athi—kapiti Plains and Kitengela migration corridor .Man—made dams within the park have added a further habitat, favourable to certain species of birds and other aquatic treasures.

Tel: +254-20-6000800, 6002345.



Kenyatta International Conference Centre

Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) is a 3O—storey building located in Nairobi, Kenya. It is a venue for conferences, meetings, exhibitions and special events. It has hosted many international conferences and seminars. There are several well equipped conferences and meeting rooms with the largest having a capacity over 4,000 delegates. It has Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment with capability up to seven languages, a modern business centre, a banking facility, tour and travel services, expansive grounds, ample and secure parking.

TeI:+254 202247247

Bomas of Kenya

Bomas of Kenya is a cultural centre at Langata. Bomas (homesteads) displays traditional villages belonging to the several Kenyan tribes. The talented resident artistes perform traditional dances and songs taken from the country’s I6 various tribal groups, including Arab—influenced Swahili taarab music, Kalenjin warrior dances, Embu drumming and Kikuyu circumcision ceremonies.

TeI: 89 I 39I, 89 I 80 I /2, 890793/5/8


Nairobi Arboretum

Nairobi Arboretum is situated about 3 km from city centre and adjacent to the State I-louse. It is one of Nairobi’s few remaining green spaces with shaded walkways, picnic lawns and jogging trails. It contains a large collection of trees and shrubs from the tropics both native and from throughout the world. It has developed to a green refuge from the bustle of the city and a place for learning about biodiversity

Tel:+254 (O) 20 3746090 or 3749957 or 3537568

David Sheldrick Wildlifetrust

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust IS located in Nairobi Game Park and serves as an orphanage for baby elephants as well as some rhinos. TheTrust was formally established in I977 and has been a world pioneer in successfully hand-rearing baby elephants and rhinos. Orphaned elephants are cared for by surrogate human mothers who nurse, play, and live with them 24 hours a day. The orphanage is open I lam—l2pm daily, at which time visitors can watch the elephants being fed by their respective caretakers. 30 I 396

Giraffe Centre

The Giraffe Centre was established in order to protect the endangered Rothschild giraffe found only in the grasslands of East Africa. The purpose of the Centre is to create awareness and provide free environmental education aimed at sensitizing Kenyan youth and the general population on the need to appreciate and conserve Kenya’s biodiversity.



Cell: +254(0) 723786l65

Kenya National Archives

Situated at the edge of central business district in downtown Nairobi along Moi Avenue,the Kenya National Archives is a reservoir and living example of historic and ethnographic knowledge here is history in its very space and structure, in the aims and ideas of its users and in the various form of popular and professional practice carried out within its walls.


Telephone: +254-20-2250576, +254-20-225l I64

Mambavillage/Crocodile Farm

Nairobi Mamba Village is located in Nairobi’s leafy Karen suburb, about l 3 kilometers away from the city centre. Mamba village is famous for its Crocodile Farm. The pens are home to an estimated 7O Nile crocodiles. The experience is always satisfying and exciting especially for children.

Tel: 020 8044773/248620l

Cell: 0720 987l83

Nairobi Safariwalk

Only 7km south of the city of Nairobi lies the Nairobi Safari Walk, Kenya’s new conservation based recreation facility The combination of skilled and creative landscape design, unique wildlife species and detailed interpretation, renders the facility supremacy in tourism and conservation. Activities at the safari walk: guide walks, talks and lectures, tree identification and nursery techniques.

Tel: +254 (20) 6000800

Mobile: +254 7266|0508/9 or 73666342l


The Carnivore Nairobi

The Carnivore is home of the Simba Saloon, a delicious a la carte restaurant by day and Nairobis most popular nightclub the informal indoor/outdoor atmosphere, exceptional snacks and the pulsating rhythms of Africa combine to ensure an exciting ambiance. Located near Wilson airport Langata road, the food, service and atmosphere are strikingly different from anything ever seen in Kenya. The Carnivore is a meat specialty restaurant and was twice voted amongst the world’s 50 best restaurants by an expert panel in ‘Restaurant magazine Carnivore is described as ‘amazing’

TeI:020 605933-7 6002764.

Cell: 073361 I608! 0722204647

Ngong Race Course

Ngong Race Course is 25 minutes’ drive from the city centre and is located along the Ngong Road besides the Ngong Road Forest between the estates of Woodley, Langata and Karen. lt is operated by the jockey Club of Kenya. Ngong racecourse is a right hand turf track of about includes a six—furlong straight and two chutes of 2060m and l800m.

Cell: +254 733 777 4l7 / +254 708 299 048

Saganawater Slides

Slide, spin, soar and plunge into the amazing River Sagana. gliding at rapids camp for example, begins into a whirlpool that spins you around a number of times before you are spilled into the mighty Sagana river. lt’s very safe to do this and a life jacket is provided to keep you afloat.

Tel:020 22l28l8.

Cell: +254 732308026! +254 722308026


Located next to Carnivore Restaurant, off Langata Road, nearWilson Airport, Splash Water world has one of the volleyball,‘kiddy’ cars, camel rides, horse rides, restaurant children and adult team building activities.

Cell: 0725698 I 55. 020 2405799

Paint Balling

Paintballing is a warlike game where guns are substituted with air pressure driven paintballs which burst on impact Kitengela Paintball Polo is located 20 minutes from Bomas of Kenya and it also offers facilities such as team building, camping and corporate fun days.Y0u can play volleyball, football, archery, and ride bikes,

Tel:020 20 22272


Motor Cross

The national motor cross championships held each year is an event organized by the East African Motor Sports Club (EAMSC)

Tel:02O 445330/30003049

Enjoy the scenic lawns and views as you have a picnic. Water largest pools in Kenya. Also available are water slides, Beach and bar In addition Splash hosts birthday parties, functions,

Shopping Malls in Nairobi

There are many shopping venues in Nairobi and if you enjoy the real shopping experience at the malls then you will be spoilt for choice. These state-of- the-art shopping malls boast ample parking, a one-stop-shopping experience, wine & dine areas.

ABC Place,Waiyaki Way, Westlands

It is the ultimate place for new brands, experiences and ideas. With a stylish mix of establishments ranging from furniture to fashion, beauty and food.

Tel: O20 4440362,


The Sarit Centre, Westlands, Off Waiyaki Way

The centre has a cinema, a food court and an expo centre, capable of hosting over 50 stands. Sarit is an inter-active shopping mall offering one-stop access to a complete range of supermarkets, stores, and service outlets alongside entertainment professional and medical facilities.

Te/: 254-2-3 74 7408/9, 3748662, 3740329

E-mai/: info@sarit-centre. com,

www. sarit-centre. com

Yaya Centre, Arwings Kodhek Road

A modern multifunctional shopping mall. The tenant mix boasts brands that define Nairobi’s discerning market. Food on the 2nd floor with a wide variety of selection from Indian to Chinese to contemporary styles at Saffron, Dim Sum House, Chinese Kitchen, Primi Piatti and Sierra bar and restaurant.

Tel: 254-20-277 3360/1


www. yaya-centre. co. ke / www.yaya-apa/’tments.c0m

Village Market, Limuru Road, Gigiri

 Since its inception 12 years ago, Village market has proved to be a leader in shopping complexes, managing to mix modernity and ethnicity into a melting pot of urban shopping. Because of its compelling architectural design, The Village Market has earned itself numerous accolades including the coveted International Council of Shopping Centers‘ Design Award.

The Galleria Shopping Mall

Junction of Magadi and Langata Roads.

Tel: +254 20 4448085 / 4444504

Email: info@nbihomes. com


West Gate Shopping Centre, Mwanzi Road,


Tel: +254 20 3746172/3, +254 20 3742951/32,

Email: in fo@Westgate. co. ke

Supermarkets in Nairobi


Tel: 020-3599991-4

Cell: +254 733-632130, +254 722-204931

Email: nakumatt@nakumatt.netl

Uchumi Supermarkets Ltd

Tel: (254) 20 — 227001,

Email: customerservice@uchuml. com,





Tel; 2221500 — Mega: 2244322. Ronald Ngala:

214 7200, Hyper: 2228138, Stadium: 26036666


Tel 254 (020) 65363059 (020) 6553045

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