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Molo Town Kenya

Molo Town Kenya

Molo town is in central rift of Kenya. Molo is in Nakuru county and has a population of 542,103 – a male populaton of 271,954 and a female population of 270,149 (2009 census). Molo is served by a branch of Kenya Railways. Molo hosts a town council and an administrative district and division in the Nakuru District of Rift Valley Province.

Overview of Molo Town

Molo is along the Mau Forest which runs on the Mau Escarpment. Molo town was a settlement established primarily because of its fertility and vast vegetation. Molo is one of the coldest places in the country. This is a perfect place for growing Pyrethrum, a cash crop that can be maintained with little resources. There are plenty of other crops that are grown by farmers both small and large scale.

Molo town has seven wards, five of them (Kiambiriria, Molo, Sachangwani, Turi North and Turi South) are within Molo Constituency, while the remaining two (Koige and Sirikwa) are part of the Kuresoi Constituency.

According to the Kenyan National Potato Policy, Molo is the second largest producer of potatoes in Kenya. Baraka Farmers Training College is located just outside Molo.

St. Andrews School, Turi, is located in Turi, a railroad station centre about 10 kilometres towards the east of Molo.

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