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National Economic and Social Council – NESC

National Economic and Social Council – NESC is an advisory organisation to the Government of Kenya and provides timely, accurate and independent economic and social advice to improve the management of the economy.
The NESC Council is a standing committee comprising eminent people with diverse experience, knowledge and skills and is chaired by the President or Minister for Finance in his absence.

The committee is mandated to provide expert advice on economic and social matters to the President and the Cabinet. The Council was formed through a gazette notice on September 24, 2004. It was launched on january 10, 2005. The Council members bring together expertise, experience, and distinguished service in diverse fields and countries  medical practitioners, social scientists, economists, engineers, industrialists and other business and public service professionals.

At the NESC forum, policy issues are identified, discussed and recommendations made. The Council also monitors and assesses Government programmes and policies. As an advisory body, it recommends to the cabinet, policies that deliver social equity, economic growth, wealth and employment creation.