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NGOs in Kenya – List of NGOs in Kenya

NGOs in Kenya gather its membership from international, regional and national NGOs operating in Kenya and working with a host of CBOs and groups.

These NGOs are active in a cross section of sectors including: agriculture, water, education, environment, health, human rights, gender and development, children’s rights, poverty alleviation, peace, population, training, counseling, small scale enterprises, disability and many others.

NGOs in Kenya – NGO Council

The NGO Council provides overall leadership to the NGO sector. It champions the key values of probity, transparency, accountability, justice and good governance. It enhances the self-regulation of its members, and assists them to realize their potential in improving services that improve the socio-economical status of Kenyan society in pursuit of sustainable development.

List of NGOs in Kenya

  1. Africa Harvest Biotech Foundation International
  2. African population and health research centre
  3. Al-manaar islamic stereo
  4. America Friends Service Committe
  5. Amnesty International Kenya
  6. Arise Child Development Organisation
  7. ation (African Development and Emergency OrganizADEO)
  9. Cliton Health Access Initiative
  10. Crisis Pregnancy Ministries
  12. Emkay Group of Companies
  13. EngenderHealth Ltd
  14. Equality now
  15. Ethnic Ideaz
  16. Forbes consultants
  17. Future Kids Project
  18. Gibb Africa Ltd
  19. Hijra Somalia
  20. International Rescue Committee
  21. Kenya Aids NGO’s Consortium
  22. Kenya Community Based Health Financing Association.
  23. Kenya Voluntary Development Association
  24. Kenyan-Heart National Foundation
  25. Kickstart

    NGOs in Kenya

    NGOs in Kenya

  26. Licasu
  27. Mag Regional Office Africa
  28. Moraa new hope foundation
  29. National council of NGOs
  30. Nesi Network
  31. Non-Governmental Organizations Co-ordination Board
  32. NPI Africa.
  33. Olive Leaf Foundation
  34. Pan Africa Climate Justice Alliance
  35. Pangea Network
  36. Pathfinder International
  37. Poverty Be History Organization
  38. Richard Leakey & Associates.
  39. Save the Children (USA)
  40. Separations International
  41. Support For Tropical Initiative In Poverty Alleviation
  43. Technoserve
  44. Theo vision international
  45. Ufadhili Trust
  46. Undugu Society Of Kenya
  47. WorldView Kenya

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