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Kahuhia Girls’ High School

Kahuhia Girls’ High School Details

Kahuhia Girls’ High School was established in 1957. This school was one of the earliest missionary initiatives as Kenya was preparing for independence. The first class had thirty – students from the then Murang’a District. Over the last fifty (50) years it has made a significant contribution to educational development in the immediate community, the Greater Central Kenya Community and the country at large. A large number of its alumni have played and continue to play vital roles in various sectors of the economy

Vision : “A centre of excellence that produces women of integrity”

Mission Statement: “To maintain a leadership role in pursuit of high quality education in a friendly learning environment grounded on high moral values, social responsibility, personal development and self discipline that produces women of high integrity and performance.”

School Motto

The schools motto “TRUTH” was changed to read TRUTH TRIUMPHS after consultation with stakeholders in 2004. The sponsoring agency the Anglican Church of Kenya(ACK) has sustained its role of moral and religious guidance to this school. This motto continues to be relevant, appropriate and inspirational for new and existing students as well as the alumni of the schools.


The mission statement has been defined to embrace the emerging educational and related challenges and KESSP framework for education, a call for a clear and sustainable school development strategy for the future. This purpose is part of the preferred future of the school. The mission fully defines the business we are in today, tomorrow and in the future.

Core values

The core value of the school raises stakeholders desire at individual group, and school levels, to set examples in delivering the best academic results in the school and beyond. It is a set of goal posts to and in the preferred future of the school. The values describe the overall professional, social and school conducts for every stakeholder and should be read in conjunction with existing provisions applicable to schools and educational institutions in Kenya. The school rules and regulations for part of these core values and the conduct of teaching and non – teaching staff must conform to these values. This desire extends to parents, administration, board and other stakeholders.

Kahuhia Girls’ High School Facilities.

Our school has all the facilities of a modern school, such as well furnished and airy class rooms, well equipped science laboratories (a biology lab, a chemistry lab and a physics lab), a big modern library which can sit 100 students at a time. It is equipped with a huge collection of books.We also have a well equipped and networked computer lab with 25 computers and an e-learning room.


Kahuhia Girls has a big modern library which can sit 100 students at a time. It is equipped with a huge collection of books, for all the subjects taught and its reference section is a good source of knowledge due to its vast collection of reference books and materials. The school library has an up-to-date collection of books on many subjects. Our librarian and her assistant are very helpful.


Kahuhia Girls’ High School Background.

Kahuhia Girls’ High School opened in 1957 with 30 students and a couple of teachers seconded from the Intermediate School (then popularly known as (Mambeere by the entire Kikuyu community. The school started using the learning and administrative facilities of the mabeere including the boarding space. The school was an initiative by the local community and missionaries.

The school performance was encouraging from the start and continued to send a substantial number of its students to “A” level schools, colleges and the university. The school has expanded over the years from a single stream school to a four stream school lately. The ‘A’ level classes performed well in EZZCE and later KACE until they were phased out in 1989 following the introduction of the 8-4-4 system of education.

The school has been a vibrant education institution with moments of great success and incidents of poor educational performance. While its leadership has sustained the motto of the school, TRUTH, the Academic performance has lately been wanting and overall institutional infrastructure in need of rehabilitation. The school has not remained an educational beacon to-date. The current leadership is keen to change this performance status. It is in this context that an Institutional Strategy has been put in place covering four key results areas, which the stakeholders believe will position this school as a centre of educational excellence where many young women will realize their dreams and potential of becoming the best they can be.

Extra curricular activities include

  • Football, volleyball, basketball, netball, hockey,
  • Lawn tennis,
  • Table tennis, Badminton, Handball
  • Music festivals
  • Drama

Kahuhia Girls’ High School Contacts.

Kahuhia Girls High School
Location: Muranga-Kangema Road
Postal Address:: P.O BOX 66-10206 ,Kahuhia.
Tel No: 0727 288234
Email :

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