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Shopping in Kenya – Supermarkets and Shopping Malls in Nairobi Kenya

Shopping in Kenya

Shopping in Kenya: Kenyans love to shop. In rural areas the shopping will mostly be for food and provisions, and will be done by women. In urban areas, large shopping malls have appeared, offering not only supermarkets but also coffee shops, fast-food outlets, cinemas, children’s playgrounds, day care, fashion stores, home decor stores, pet stores, book stores, toy stores, beauty salons, banks, and more.

Consequently a trip to the local mall is a favorite weekend pursuit for families and singles alike. For the visitor, the many handicraft outlets that dot the country may be of more interest. The choice of purchases is wide: carvings, baskets, woven sisal, hand woven wool rugs, hand-woven garments, knitwear, beadwork, handblown glass, metalware, beeswax candles, essential oils, leather goods, soapstone, paintings, batik, tribal masks, spears, jewelry, home décor . . .

Many of the items are produced by women’s cooperatives or self-help groups, so your purchase will help them achieve such benefits as an income stream, education for their children, the ability to start a small business, or financial independence. When shopping for crafts in Kenya it is important to remember that to bargain over the price is expected of you.

Shopping in Kenya - Supermarkets and shopping malls in Kenya

Shopping in Kenya – Supermarkets and shopping malls in Kenya

Shopping in Kenya

Shopping in Kenya will give you an opportunity to find the best from all over Africa. Throughout Kenya and mainly in its major cities, there are a range of shops, supermarkets, shopping centres, large open markets and city stores. The largest shopping centres are located in Nairobi.

As Nairobi city centre became more congested, satellite shopping malls with safe parking multiplied in the greater Nairobi area. In addition to the city centre, the shopping centres have a good range of services, including forex bureaus, banks, post offices, pharmacies and supermarkets.

Shopping in Nairobi

Nairobi Kenya is becoming more of a shopping destination. New electronics, household items furniture, branded gear enter the market every day.

Being a cosmopolitan city, international brands are really thriving in Nairobi. The shopping variety available is vast to suit any preference. Access to these commodities is widespread. For more local items it’s advised to visit the town shopping stalls, whereas for more high end products the malls are a better option.

Shopping Malls in Nairobi

Shopping in Nairobi: Sarit Centre – Westlands

Opened in 1983, it is Kenya’s first ever shopping mall, whose “City within a City” concept of providing everything under one roof.

Effectively, the Sarit Centre is an interactive shopping mall offering a one-stop access to a complete range of supermarkets, stores, service outlets, a food court, entertainment, an expo centre and professional and medical facilities.

Shopping in Nairobi: The Village Market – Gigiri

Is a large shopping, recreation and entertainment complex. The Village Market has outlets offering products and services of different categories. There are over 35 shops selling local and designer wear, fashion, accessories and footwear. Nakumatt supermarket which stocks household products, electronic equipments and furniture among other products. The mall is also home to a Diplomat exclusive supermarket whose commodities are exempt from duties and the VAT tax

The Village Market has an outdoor Food Court and other restaurants offering local African recipes as well as international recipes. The shopping mall offer beauty and relaxation products and services and a health and fitness center which also has yoga and dance classes.

Shopping in Nairobi: Diamond Plaza – Parklands

Located in parklands. This is a shopping complex like a small India within Nairobi. With over 70 stalls, an outside food court and a brand new mall extension added to it, it is a place one can find almost everything they are looking for. Plus delicious Indian and traditional Swahili cuisine

Shopping in Nairobi: Yaya Centre – Kilimani

This is a modern multifunctional mall, it is frequented by various customers within Nairobi. Opened in the late 80s it has grown to the most iconic and well known malls in Nairobi housing over 100 shops, offices, cafes and a supermarket.

Shopping in Nairobi: The Crossroads Mall – Karen

Karen Shopping Centre is located in Karen, Nairobi and is made up of two adjoining shopping centers that are separated by a road.

One side is called Crossroads and is a more modern shopping centre with a large grocery store, Nakumatt supermarket, restaurants, clothing stores, shoe stores and boutiques as well as salon and other services.

There are also several cafes at the shopping centre that serve coffee, pastries, pizza, burgers, and Mexican food.

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The other side of Karen Shopping Centre in Nairobi is an older shopping centre, but also has a grocery store and restaurants.

Shopping in Nairobi: The Junction – Nairobi

The Junction provides you with lifestyle experience with its distinctive features in terms of comfort, luxury and modernity. It is the place with everything you could need, from the realistic to the positively distinctive, all under one roof.

Anchored by Nakumatt, the mall is home to leading brands of clothings, fashion accessories, sportswear and accessories, jewelleries, computer and mobile accessories and according to 2011 Taste Awards, one of the best Food Courts in Kenya.

Shopping in Nairobi: Capital Centre – Mombasa Road

This is a shopping and entertainment destination located close to the CBD and the national Airport. With over 60 stores offering services like a supermarket, pharmacy, cinemas, casinos and banking halls.

Shopping in Nairobi: Prestige Plaza – Ngong Road

A shopping mall that is home to both local and international outlets that offer their customers a wide range of services at an ultimate value shopping destination. It is approximately 30 minutes from the City Centre

The mall offers a variety of outlets ranging from entertainment centres, boutiques, food court, medical services, banking services and is also the anchor to Nakumatt Supermarkets.

Shopping in Nairobi: Galleria Mall – Karen

This is a shopping destination, offering shopping, and dining and entertainment experiences.

Choose from a variety of leading brand stores. Enjoy great food at various restaurants and cafes, offering cuisines from various places on the globe.

Shopping in Nairobi: T-Mall -Nairobi West

There are various outlets at the mall. These offer a wide range of goods and services ranging from the Tuskys Supermarket, a food court, pay TV services as well as a pub at the rooftop. There is banking services available at the Mall.

Shopping in Nairobi: Thika Road Mall (T.R.M.) – Kasarani

There are various local and international brand stores and food courts, experience the first 7D cinema in Kenya. Also inclusive is Nakumatt supermarket and a kid’s entertainment zone.

Shopping Malls in Nairobi Kenya – Video

Supermarkets in Kenya

The largest supermarket chains in Kenya with modern stores through-out the country include:

  1. Nakumatt Supermarket
  2. Uchumi Supermarket
  3. Tuskys Supermarket
  4. Naivas Supermarket

Open Markets in Kenya

Shopping in Kenya – City Market

In Nairobi city centre there is the large City Market, selling a great selection of produce, including fruit, vegetables, flowers, fruit, fish and meat. This colourful Market is an interesting place to visit, and a good place to find local handicrafts.

Shopping in Kenya – Kariakor Market

Kariakor Market, located just outside town off racecourse Road, is another excellent market for handicrafts, in particular for good and reasonable priced sisal basketwork. This very lively market, named after the Colonial ‘Carrier Corps’ (Karia-kor) who were once stationed here. Kariakor is renowned all over Nairobi as the best place to sample real traditional Kenyan food.

There are many small shops and eateries attached to the market selling a wide range of traditional cuisines. Nairobi city and the surrounding suburbs also have many shops selling traditional arts and crafts.

Shopping in Kenya – Other Shops in Kenya

In Biashara street, many shops deal in handicrafts and especially cloth from the coast, with good tailoring services available. Kenya is home to many unique boutique shops, modern art objects, paintings, clothing and jewelry.