Sports in Kenya

Kenya is a major sporting nation, especially in middle and long – distance running. No athletics event in the world is complete without Kenya’s participation and its legendary athletes are the darling of the world

Kenya is truly a sporting giant and  it has done well in many games – athletics, rugby, volleyball, hockey and even football.

In athletics, it is the King and Queen of middle and long distance. The black, green and red colours stand out during and at the finish of any race, starting from the 800m all the way to the 10,000m, the marathon and cross-country. In the 3,000m steeplechase, Kenyan athletes have never looked back since the 1968 Mexico Olympic Games when the country clinched a gold medal.

In cricket and hockey, Kenya has been a world-beater, at sometime playing in the same league as the greats of the game India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, England and Canada.

Here is a guide to sports in Kenya

  1. Sports in Kenya
  2. Football in Kenya
  3. Rugby in Kenya
  4. Volleyball in Kenya
  5. Tennis in Kenya
  6. Safari Rally
  7. Hockey in Kenya
  8. Boxing in Kenya
  9. Cricket in Kenya
  10. Golf in Kenya
  11. Basketball in Kenya
  12. Kenya Runners
  13. The State of Kenyan Football
  14. Kenya Rugby Football Union
  15. Age grade Rugby in Kenya
  16. Women Rugby in Kenya
  17. Kenya Sevens Team
  18. Kenya Volleyball Federation
  19. Kenya Women’s Volleyball national team
  20. KFF – The Kenya Football Federation
  21. National Olympic Committee Kenya – NOCK
  22. Athletics Kenya (AK)

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