Tourism in Kenya

Tourism in Kenya: Kenya is one of the worlds great tourism destinations, known for its diversity of landscape, wildlife and cultures. From sweeping savannahs to tropical beaches and coral reef, dense equatorial forests to mighty snow capped mountains and more.

Kenya is a world unto itself. Kenya is Africa’s original safari destination, attracting explorers, adventurers and travelers for centuries. A safari to Kenya is a trip of a lifetime.

Tourism Industry in Kenya

The tourism industry in Kenya has experienced massive growth in the last three years not only in terms of tourist volumes but also the receipts gained from the increased travel to Kenya; contributing close to 11 percent of Kenya’s GDP and employing 18% of the Kenyan workforce. Airline in Kenya has experienced increased competition leading to improved service and efficiency. The consumers now enjoy good service at relatively reasonable prices.

Kenya aspires to be among the top ten long – haul destinations globally and is working to create an enabling environment to attract increased international flights. lt is notable that air travel, which is the major medium of travel, is now within the reach of majority of local and international tourists. The tremendous growth of the local and regional airlines is a great blessing too to the tourism industry and the Government is committed to ensure air travel infrastructure is improved nationally to enable citizens and tourists visit and sample diverse flora and fauna in different parts of Kenya.

Travel Agents play a very important role in ensuring the process of travel is pleasurable, smooth and memorable at all times. They remain the interface between the airlines and the clients and sell the image and expertise of Kenya’s service industry.

The Government of Kenya appreciates this important role and their professional commitment to their clients. The Government will continue to partner with the private sector to improve and ensure that Kenya becomes the premier destination of choice for tourists as envisaged in Kenya’s vision 2030.

Tourism in Kenya: Money and Currency Tips

There are no restrictions into or out of Kenya for currency transactions. Forex bureau in Kenya are available at airports in Nairobi and major towns in Kenya.

Visitors to Kenya should change foreign currency at banks, bureau de change or authorized hotels. The easiest currencies to exchange are US dollars, pounds Sterling and Euros.

Travelers’ cheques are widely accepted, and many hotels, travel agencies, safari companies and restaurants accept credit cards. There are no restrictions on the amount of foreign currency brought to Kenya.

Before departure, travellers are advised to convert any excess Kenya shillings into foreign currency at a bank or bureau de change before departure. Departure taxes can be paid in local or foreign currency. Anyone wishing to take more than 500,000 Kenya Shillings out of the country will require written authorization from the Central Bank.

Tourism in Kenya

Tourism in Kenya

Kenya Tourism : Safari in Kenya

Kenya is an ideal destination to take a safari given that the weather is always conducive throughout the year. The natural world and the unchanged ecosystem are a sure attraction for visitors.

Here are some of the safaris offered in Kenya.

  1. Kenya Wildlife Safari
  2. Kenya Camping Safari
  3. Kenya Luxury Safari
  4. Kenya Beach Safari
  5. Kenya Adventure Safari
  6. Kenya Business Safari
  7. Kenya Family Safari
  8. Kenya Coast Safari
  9. Kenya Honeymoon Safari
  10. Kenya Conference Safari
  11. Kenya Golf Safari
  12. Kenya Sport Safari
  13. Kenya Wedding Safari
  14. Kenya Ecotourism Safari
  15. Kenya Flying Safari
  16. Kenya Bird Watching Safari
  17. Kenya Cultural Safari
  18. Kenya Balloon Safari
  19. Religious Safaris and Retreats
  20. Kenya Camel Safari
  21. Kenya Photography Safari
  22. Kenya Disability Safari
  23. Kenya Bird Watching Safaris

Types of Tourism in Kenya

  1. Domestic Tourism in Kenya
  2. Medical Tourism Destination in Kenya
  3. Eco-Tourism in Kenya
  4. Conference Tourism in Kenya
  5. Medical Tourism in Kenya
  6. Sports Tourism in Kenya
  7. Cultural Tourism in Kenya

Tourist Accommodation in Kenya

The tourist accommodation industry in Kenya provides a wide variety – from formal hotels to informal holiday rental houses and cottages, game lodges and reserves, guest houses, youth hostels and bed-and-breakfast establishments.

A variety of promotional material on Kenya is available. Comprehensive guides and maps cover all regions and aspects of interest to tourists, including accommodation

Tourists Vaccination in Kenya

Visitors from yellow-fever belt countries, as well as those who travel through or disembark  in these areas have to be inoculated  against the disease before they arrive in Kenya.

Tourism Travel Documents in Kenya

Following recent legislation, European visitors do not require a tourist visa to enter Kenya, but entry business visas are required.

Every traveler must have a valid passport and, where necessary, a visa. Passport holders from certain countries are exempted from visa requirements. Enquiries can be made at Kenya’s diplomatic representative or the Ministry of  Tourism in Nairobi

Kenya Tourism Week

The Kenya Tourism Week is held in the third week of September. During the celebrations, participants explore various attraction sites. The main events are an art exhibition, cuisine, music, culture and a golf tournament.

This festival is a strategy to promote local tourism. It gives local and international tourists an opportunity to travel the country and experience less-explored attraction sites.

Tourism and Tourist Safety and Security in Kenya

Kenyans are extremely friendly and visitors are humbled by their hospitality. Take time to meet ordinary people as they go about their daily business. Kenya deploys regular police patrols in most urban and rural areas.

There is a specialized unit — Tourist Police Unit — that is tasked with the safety of tourists. Stakeholders in the industry have also launched several initiatives aimed at ensuring the safety of travellers.

As in other countries, it is advisable to hand in your passport, traveler’s cheques, excess money and any other valuables at hotel reception desks for safe keeping. Alternatively, arrange to hire a safety deposit box. It is advisable not to walk alone in isolated towns or beach areas. Seek advice from your hotel manager or tour representative. Also make a copy of your passport and keep it in your luggage.

Don’t carry too much cash with you and often wear a money belt that fits under your clothes. Don’t carry a lot of camera equipment, especially in the major cities and towns in Kenya.

Tourism and Travel Agents in Kenya

Kenya Association of Travel Agents (KATA) advises on choices, special promotions, quality and value of a travel product. It also gives travel options and quotations from suppliers.

KATA also helps with aspects of visitors’ trip, including air tickets, accommodation and car hire. If you experience a problem on your trip, they act on your behalf to resolve it.

KATA consultants create, sell and manage products. It understands what visitors want and the products they can deliver. KATA members have the information tourists and other visitors need at their fingertips.

Kenya Tourism Board

Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) was set up in 1997 to promote and market Kenya as a tourist destination internationally and locally. KTB is an independent marketing authority for tourism.

KTB is managed by a board of directors, who are major stakeholders in tourism and a managing director who oversees marketing initiatives and campaigns. Its marketing  campaigns are managed locally by a marketing director and a team of marketing staff, based in the Nairobi offices at Upper Hill.

The campaigns are run together with three international Market Development Representatives ( MDRs) who manage KTB offices overseas. The MDRs cover key source markets in Europe, the UK and the US/Canada, and new emerging markets in Asia, and the Middle East.

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