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Cities and Towns in Kenya

Towns in Kenya: Apart from the cities of Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya has other major towns each a unique representation of the country’s striking abundance in flora and fauna. Most of these towns are headquarters in their respective counties or major economic bases in their regions. Luxury hotels and lodges located here provide good accommodation and conferencing facilities for guests who dare to try out a taste different from the capital or the coast.

Cities in Kenya: Nairobi City

The capital, Nairobi, from the Maasai word Nyrobi meaning “Place of Cool Waters,” also known as the “Green City in the Sun” and “Safari Capital of the World,” has a population of around 3.2 million people (the unofficial figure is closer to 4 million). It came into being in May 1899 as a supply depot created by the European builders of the East African railway, located at “Mile 327” from the coast, high enough above sea levels to avoid the malaria mosquito. The largest city in East Africa, it is also one of the youngest, the most modern, the highest at 3,600 ft (1,700 m), and the fastest growing.

Nairobi is a charming, cosmopolitan city, blessed with the most wildlife in the world, making it a great safari destination. Known as the ‘Green City in the Sun’, Nairobi is the largest city as well as the capital city of Kenya. Nairobi is the main commercial center of Kenya. lt has got  a well developed infrastructure with  modern equipments and systems.  The Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) is one of the Africa’s largest stock exchanges and is officially recognized as an overseas stock exchange by the London Stock Exchange. NSE ranks fourth in Africa in terms of trading volumes and fifth in terms of Market Capitalization.

Cities in Kenya: MombasaCity

Mombasa is Kenya’s main port and popular holiday city. It is situated on an island in a natural sheltered inlet. It is the only port that serves not only Kenya but land locked countries like Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and Southern Sudan.

Cities in Kenya: Kisumu City

Kisumu is the third largest city in Kenya, is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Set on the shores of Lake Victoria, Kisumu is hot and humid with a good and well developed road transport connecting the city to other major towns in Western Kenya. The tourism industry in Kisumu revolves around Lake Victoria. Visitors can tour interesting sites such as Hippo point, the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary, Kisumu Museum and Dunga village, which is primarily a fishing village. This part of Kenya boasts of rich cultural heritages, with most of them carrying fascinating stories that portray the past lives, times and beliefs to the people living in these regions. Sites such as Kit Mikaye, Hamogi Hills and The Stone of Lwanda Magere are a must visit for every tourist. It can also be noted that Kogelo village, President Barrack Obama’s ancestral home is in Kisumu. The tiny village has gained overnight fame with visitors streaming in from various parts of the world to see for trace the roots of the American president. Kisumu is a good place to hold a conference with a wide range of accommodation options suitable for any budget.

Towns in Kenya: Nakuru Town

Nakuru is Kenya‘s 4th largest city, only slightly smaller than Kisumu. It is an important agricultural city, trade center, and transportation hub, and the capital of Rift Valley Province. Visitors to this town can catch glimpse of the Menengai Crater or Lake Nakuru National Park, where your chances of seeing a rhino are better than any other park in Kenya. Lake Nakuru National Park is relatively small has a large variety of animals and is located just 10km from city centre. Nakuru is home to Lake Nakuru, one of the Rift Valley soda lakes, which forms part of the Lake Nakuru National Park. The park is famous for the vast numbers of flamingoes that can be seen foraging in the shallow lake.

Towns in Kenya: Eldoret Town

Lying south of the Cherangani Hills, Eldoret is Kenya’s fifth largest town. Its name was derived from “eldare”, a Maasai word which means “stony river”. Eldoret is the hometown of numerous legendary Kenyan runners, the most renowned of whom is Kipchoge Keino. lt is also the bread basket of Kenya and predominately a farming region where maize, wheat farming and ranching take place on a large scale. The town is served by a modern fully fledged airport [Eldoret international Airport] which opens up the town to other domestic as well as international regions. The town is an excellent location for sightseeing with breathtaking sceneries such as the Kerio Valley. Excursions, bird watching and camping are some of the other activities that can the town is known for

Towns in Kenya: Naivasha Town

Naivasha is a town in the Rift Valley Province whose main industry is agriculture, especially floriculture. The town located 100 km northwest of Nairobi, sits halfway between the capital and Nakuru Town. Interesting places to visit include Hell’s Gate National Park, Longonot National Park, Mount Longonot and of course Lake Naivasha. The Lake is a beautiful freshwater lake, fringed by thick papyrus. The lake is almost 13kms across, but its waters are shallow with an average depth of five meters.

Visitors can enjoy boat trips on the lake which is also a perfect spot for bird watching and one can also see the famous hippos of Lake Naivasha. Main road access to Naivasha is directly from Nairobi by bus/Matatu or private transport. The main highway continues from Naivasha to Nakuru.

Towns in Kenya: Nyeri Town

Nyeri is the administrative headquarters of Central Province. During the colonial days, Nyeri was a barracks but it later became a trading centre for the white farmers who produced wheat, coffee and cattle. There are banks, shops, bookstores, hardware stores and a vibrant market. The town is also the gateway to the Aberdares National Park and on a clear day you will see the majestic face of Mt. Kenya on the horizon. Nyeri town has many accommodation options, from pristine tourist hotel’s to smaller budget hotels. Nearby is Nanyuki, a medium sized town northwest of Mt Kenya. The town has one of the most beautiful views of the mountain, and is a hub for trekkers. There are many hotels and lodges in and around Nanyuki, is the Chief Port city on the shores of lake Victoria. It serves western Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Towns in Kenya - Cities in Kenya

Towns in Kenya – Cities in Kenya

Other Major Towns in Kenya

  1. Archerspost Town Kenya
  2. Bahati Town Kenya
  3. Baragoi Town Kenya
  4. Baringo Town Kenya
  5. Bissil Town Kenya
  6. Bomet Town Kenya
  7. Bumala Town Kenya
  8. Bungoma Town Kenya
  9. Busia Town Kenya
  10. Butere Town Kenya
  11. Cheptais Town Kenya
  12. Chogoria Town Kenya
  13. Chuka Town Kenya
  14. Chuka Town Kenya
  15. Daadab Town Kenya
  16. Dundori Town Kenya
  17. Eldama Ravine Town Kenya
  18. Eldoret Town Kenya
  19. Embu Town Kenya
  20. Endarasha Town Kenya
  21. Funyula Town Kenya
  22. Garbatula Town Kenya
  23. Garissa Town Kenya
  24. Gatundu Town Kenya
  25. Hola Town Kenya
  26. Homa Bay Town Kenya
  27. Isiolo Town Kenya
  28. Iten Town Kenya
  29. Juakali Town Kenya
  30. Kabarnet Town Kenya
  31. Kabati Town Kenya
  32. Kabuti Town Kenya
  33. Kagio Town Kenya
  34. Kagumo Town Kenya
  35. Kajiado Town Kenya
  36. Kakamega Town Kenya
  37. Kakuma Town Kenya
  38. Kaloleni Town Kenya
  39. Kandara Town Kenya
  40. Kangari Town Kenya
  41. Kangema Town Kenya
  42. Kangundo Town Kenya
  43. Kapcherop Town Kenya
  44. Kapenguria Town Kenya
  45. Kapenguria Town Kenya
  46. Kapsabet Town Kenya
  47. Kapsokwony Town Kenya
  48. Kapsowar Town Kenya
  49. Karatina Town Kenya
  50. Kathiani Town Kenya
  51. Kericho Town Kenya
  52. Keroka Town Kenya
  53. Kerugoya Kutus Town
  54. Kiambu Town Kenya
  55. Kibwezi Town Kenya
  56. Kilifi Town Kenya
  57. Kimilili Town Kenya
  58. Kinamba Town Kenya
  59. Kinna Town Kenya
  60. Kiria-Ini Town Kenya
  61. Kisii Town Kenya
  62. Kisumu City Kenya
  63. Kitale Town Kenya
  64. Kitui Town Kenya
  65. Laisamis Town Kenya
  66. Lamu Town Kenya
  67. Lare Town Kenya
  68. Limuru Town Kenya
  69. Lodwar Town Kenya
  70. Loiyangalani Town kenya
  71. Lokichogio Town Kenya
  72. Lolgorian Town Kenya
  73. Lungalunga Town Kenya
  74. Machakos Town Kenya
  75. Machinery Town Kenya
  76. Magarini Town kenya
  77. Majimazuri Town Kenya
  78. Majimazuri Town Kenya
  79. Malindi Town Kenya
  80. Mandera Town Kenya
  81. Maralal Town Kenya
  82. Marereni Town Kenya
  83. Maseno Town Kenya
  84. Masii Town Kenya
  85. Maunarok Town kenya
  86. Mazeras Town Kenya
  87. Mbita Point Town Kenya
  88. Merti Town Kenya
  89. Mitunguu Town Kenya
  90. Mogonga Town Kenya
  91. Mogotio Town Kenya
  92. Molo Town Kenya
  93. Mombasa City Kenya
  94. Mtito Andei Town Kenya
  95. Muhuru Bay Town Kenya
  96. Muranga Town Kenya
  97. Mwatate Town Kenya
  98. Mweiga Town Kenya.
  99. Mwingi Town Kenya
  100. Nairagieenkare Town Kenya
  101. Nairobi City Kenya
  102. Naivasha Town Kenya
  103. Naivasha Town Kenya
  104. Nanyuki Town Kenya
  105. Narok Town Kenya
  106. Naromoru Town Kenya
  107. Ndori Town Kenya
  108. Ngong’ Town Kenya
  109. Njabini Town Kenya
  110. Nyahururu Town Kenya
  111. Nyakach Town Kenya
  112. Nyamache Town Kenya
  113. Nyamarambe Town Kenya
  114. Nyamira Town Kenya
  115. Nyansiongo Town Kenya
  116. Nyeri Town Kenya
  117. Ogembo Town Kenya
  118. Olenguruone Town Kenya
  119. Ol Kalou Town Kenya
  120. Othaya Town Kenya
  121. Rongai Town Kenya
  122. Rongai Town Kenya
  123. Ruiru Town Kenya
  124. Runyenjes Town Kenya
  125. Salgaa Town Kenya
  126. Siakago Town Kenya
  127. Siaya Town Kenya
  128. Sindo Town Kenya
  129. Sololo Town Kenya
  130. Sultan Hamud Town Kenya
  131. Taveta Town Kenya
  132. Thika Town Kenya
  133. Timboroa Town Kenya
  134. Tongaren Town Kenya
  135. Ugunja Town Kenya
  136. Ukunda Town Kenya
  137. Voi Town Kenya
  138. Wajir Town Kenya
  139. Watamu Town Kenya
  140. Webuye Town Kenya
  141. Wote Town Kenya
  142. Wundanyi Town Kenya
  143. Yala Town Kenya