TPF6 – Tusker Project Fame 6, 2013


The biggest and most popular music show in East Africa has kicked off with awesome performances from talented youngsters, however like it was planned earlier, three of the contestants were supposed to leave show on right on the opening show.

After all the great performances from the contestants, the judges had to decide which housemates were safe to enter the academy and which housemates were not entering the academy.

The judge’s final decision saw 15 contestants make it to the Academy while Tanah and Dubart both Tanzania got the boot, Rwanda’s Peace did also not survive. Here are the contestants who made it: Tusker project fame 6 contestants

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TPF6 - Tusker Project Fame 6, 2013 which is East Africa’s most popular reality television show is once again searching for a new super star in Kenya , Tanzania, Uganda, Southern Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi .

TPF 5 - Tusker Project Fame 5

TPF 5 – Tusker Project Fame 5

It is now official Tusker Project fame season6 show will premier in September with Auditions starting in August, This time round the show will be bigger and better as some changes are being made on areas that were thought to be falling apart. The promise is that contestants this time round will be going home with better vocals and ready for the competitive industry.

In TPF6 – Tusker Project Fame 6 selected contestants will move into the academy in Nairobi. The contestants will be trained, tested and be prepared for future music career in the world’s entertainment industry. 

TPF – Tusker Project Fame has found its place as East Africa leading and most engaging talent search  since it was first introduced in 2006. TPF has  successfully grown in scope and scale, and with its growth, succeeded in delivering authentic musical talent on the region’s entertainment platform.

TPF6  – Tusker Project Fame 6 will feature weekly live shows, where contestants will have an opportunity to showcase their skills and versatility before an eminent team of judges and audiences.

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