Kenya People and Tribes

Kenya People and Tribes: Kenya‘s most important natural heritage is her people – they are skilled, educated, experienced and productive.

Kenyan People are the force behind Kenya’s vibrant economy and they have spread to all parts of the world - East Africa, the rest of Africa, Europe and the Americas have felt the impact of Kenyans. They are in business, academia, professions, entertainment and sport, among others.

Their diversity, traditions, customs and practices create a totality of the distinct people that are Kenyans. They work together compete and interact in many ways.

Kenya is multi- cultural, multi – national and multi – ethnic with many languages, religions and lifestyles. What is more?

Kenya is the only country in Africa with the three major linguistic groups – Bantu, Nilotes and Cushites.

Here is a list of the major tribes in Kenya

  1. Dahalo Tribe
  2. Digo Tribe
  3. Duruma Tribe
  4. Edo Tribe
  5. El Molo Tribe
  6. Embu Tribe
  7. Garreh-Ajuran Tribe
  8. Giryama Tribe
  9. Kalenjin Tribe
  10. Kamba Tribe
  11. Kikuyu Tribe
  12. Kisii Tribe
  13. Kuria Tribe
  14. Luhya Tribe
  15. Luo Tribe
  16. Masai Tribe
  17. Meru Tribe
  18. Mijikenda Tribe
  19. Ogiek Tribe
  20. Rendille Tribe
  21. Samburu Tribe
  22. Somali Tribe
  23. Swahili Tribe
  24. Taita Tribe
  25. Teso Tribe
  26. Tharaka Tribe
  27. Turkana Tribe
  28. Yaaku Tribe

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