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7 reasons why some women don’t ‘cooperate’ during overnight visits

7 reasons why some women don’t ‘cooperate’ during overnight visits

Women often say no on the first night for many reasons.

1. Poor wooing skills

Every woman wants to be nicely ‘tuned’. If you can’t dispense honey-coated lyrics, don’t be fooled that expensive night outs will do the trick.

Most men, for their lack of effort or woman’s fear of date rape, only get what we call ‘mercy shag’.

2. Dirty house

Some men live in really disgusting homes. That obviously will make the woman doubt his whole-body hygiene.

It means the man is dirty and you can’t sleep with a dirty man in a dirty home. No woman wants germs down there!

3. Blame the hormones

Sometimes the hormones can act up. You might start seeing spots of blood in your panty and are too embarrassed to tell the guy.

So you just deny him without any explanation. Period.

4. Terrible kisser and romance skills

During foreplay or any time you have a trial make-out, you may realise the man is a terrible kisser or his romance skills need a lot of updating.

That is a definite turn off.

4. His other woman or ex’s stuff is all over the house

This only means that you are either obsessed with her or are still dating. And some women won’t wish to lead a man astray.

5. You share a house with somebody else

There are women who won’t wish to sleep in a man’s house if they share it with anybody. You can’t just sexile the housemate.

Or make someone sleep on the couch. Conscientious women never let that happen.

6. If you like the guy

When you like the guy and you want to date him, for a long time, you may deny him the goods.

You want him to think that you are not easy to get.

7. The guy is hairy

The guy may have some bodily feature that is just a turn off.

Various women have something that turns them off, and they can never recover from that.

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