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7 Types Of Passengers You’ll Find In Kenyan Matatus

7 Types Of Passengers You’ll Find In Kenyan Matatus

1. The people always on their phones

Walk into any matatu and you’ll find guys busy on their phones, either texting, playing games or keeping up with the trending topics on social media. It’s always a great pass time.

2. The guy trying to hit on a girl

There is often that one guy trying to hit on a girl in the matatu. He wil probably start with a cheesy line like “Hii mat inatake long kujaa” then the moment you agree with him, it’s like you’ve given him the green light to keep talking all through the ride. Funny enough, some of these guys end up getting the girl’s phone number.I won’t judge, besides, you never know where and when you get to meet your Mr/Mrs right.

3. The sleepers

7 Types Of Passengers You’ll Find In Kenyan Matatus- Photo

7 Types Of Passengers You’ll Find In Kenyan Matatus- Photo

I must agree it’s not always easy to stay awake in a matatu especially after a long exhausting day but there’re just those guys who make the matatu their bed. You’ll find him/her snoring really loudly and even worse drooling all through the ride. Kindly, if you know you’re an ugly sleeper, how about trying to stay awake and save yourself the embarrassment.

4. The guy arguing with conductor

Touts can be super annoying at times. I’ve had my fair share of them. I just never get why anyone could keep arguing with a tout the whole way rather than just being the bigger man and shutting up or better yet getting off. It saves you your day’s energy and keeps off the bad mood.

5. The seat fillers

These are the guys who sit in a mat to fool you into thinking that it’s almost full and ready to leave just for them to stand up and leave minutes later. They are mostly friends to the conductors and hardly let you get off when you run impatient.

6. The passenger preacher

You’re peacefully seated, listening to your favorite jam when a preacher stands up and asks the driver to turn down the radio. Okay, don’t get me wrong here. I highly respect the freedom of worship and religion for that matter but I don’t see how forcing the word down people’s throats and condemning them when they don’t give offering after the ‘sermon’ is right.

7. The eaters

Oh these people can make you hate yourself for being broke. It’s that time of the month when you’re trying to cut down on your spending so you decide to skip lunch. You get in a matatu feeling so famished then the person next to you decides to unleash chips and fried chicken and proceeds to eat it the whole way home. How unfair could the world get?

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