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Financial Services in Kenya

Financial Services in Kenya

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A comprehensive list of financial services in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the financial services in Kenya websites.

List of Financial Services in Kenya

  1. 1st Capital Credit Ltd
  2. Acumen Funds
  3. AFB Kenya
  4. Alexander Forbes Financial Services (EA) Ltd
  5. Barclays Wealth,International Affluent
  6. Biashara Factors Ltd
  7. Biashara Factors Ltd
  8. Blue Ltd Kenya
  9. Business Partners International (K) Ltd
  10. C F C Financial Services Ltd
  11. Capital Sacco Society Ltd
  12. Cheque Credit Co.Limited
  13. Creative Capital Solutions Ltd
  14. East Africa Capital Partners Ltd
  15. Eazy Credit Ltd
  16. Ecumenical Church Loan Fund (K-ECLOF)
  17. Elegant Construction Co. Ltd
  18. EPASS International Ltd
  19. Fast Generation Ltd
  20. First Independent Advisors Ltd
  21. FIT Xpress Ltd
  22. Fort Credit
  23. Funyula Finance Services
  24. Golden Pearl-AFI Solution INC
  25. Grephys Communications
  26. Hamlet Investment Ltd
  27. Ignite Credit (K) Ltd
  28. Instant Loans On Items
  29. Inuka Africa Microfinance
  30. Izwe Loans (K) Ltd
  31. Kenswitch Ltd
  32. Kiathagana Financial Management (K) Ltd
  33. Macadamia Sacco Society Ltd
  34. Maestro Credit Ltd
  35. Menestary Dynamics Co. Ltd
  36. Meridian Acceptances Limited
  37. Molyn Credit Ltd
  38. Mwangaza Finance Trust (K) Ltd
  39. Nawal Forex Bureau Ltd
  40. Nteemi Limited
  41. Odesac Sacco
  42. Oiko Credit
  43. Palla Credit Ltd
  44. Paulise Recovery Services
  45. Paygate Ltd
  46. Paysure Ltd
  47. Platinum Credit Ltd
  48. Postal Corporation of Kenya
  49. Quest Holdings Limited
  50. Real People
  51. Regnum Consultants Ltd
  52. Sasa Kenya Ltd, Athi River Branch
  53. Sking Enterprises
  54. SSI Capital
  55. Stendu Enterprises
  56. Taifa Option Micro-Finance Ltd
  57. The Selling Point Ltd
  58. Top Financial Solutions Ltd
  59. Unaitas Sacco Society Ltd
  60. Unity Capital Ltd
  61. Wescotts Financial Services
  62. Winas Savings and Credit Co-operative Society Ltd
  63. Zawadi Kenya Ltd