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Weather in Kenya – Weather & Climate in Nairobi and Kenya

Weather in Kenya: Kenya displays great contrasts in topography and climate: snowcapped peaks give way to deserts, palm-fringed beaches to rolling savannah plains, alpine highlands to the lunar Semi deserts of the northeast. Since the country lies on the equator, the climate remains stable all year.

Tribalism in Kenya

Tribalism in Kenya has been a major stumbling block to democracy as well as socio-economic development. It affects every sphere of development, from social economic, political to educational spheres. In political spheres, tribalism persists since it provides an avenue via which state goodies and favours trickle down from those in power to their tribesmen. Therefore, loyalty to tribe is given ever greater relevance than loyalty to the country.

Nannies and House Helps in Kenya

House Helps in Kenya: Due to the dearth of employment opportunities, the high birthrate, and the long hours often worked by those with jobs, it is usual for most urban Kenyans to have a maid, often a very young girl, sometimes a family member, who is brought into town from the rural areas. She will be responsible for running the home, cooking the supper, and caring for the children.

Child Abuse in Kenya

Child Abuse in Kenya

Child Abuse in Kenya: Kenya leads African governments in the protection of children against child abuse. The key components determining the Governments performance on protection of children include the ratification of international and regional legal instruments, laws that protect children against harm and exploitation and a juvenile justice system, national plan of action and coordinating organisation on children’s rights.

Childrens Act Kenya – Children Rights in Kenya

Childrens Act Kenya: An Act of Parliament to make provision for parental responsibility, fostering, adoption, custody, maintenance, guardianship, care and protection of children; to make provision for the administration of children’s institutions; to give effect to the principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child and for connected purposes

Orange Kenya Internet Bundles, Data and Modem Settings

Orange Kenya Internet Bundles: At Orange Kenya, we know that different people have different internet / data needs depending on their lifestyle and budget. This is why we have prepared a selection of affordable mobile data bundles, giving you a selection of internet on mobile offers to choose from based on your needs.

Equitel Kenya – Eazzy Loan, Equitel Loan, Sim Card, Charges and Contacts

Equitel Kenya – Eazzy Loan, Equitel Loan, Sim Card, Charges and Contacts

Equitel Kenya is a new revolutionary platform that helps you manage your money and communicate with more Freedom, Choice and Control. Equitel provides tools and features that enable you to perform all your financial transactions as well as make calls, send SMS and browse the internet.

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