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Afya Sacco Society Ltd

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Afya Sacco Society Ltd

Afya Sacco Society Ltd was registered on 
8th May 1971 by some twenty founder members/promoters. Membership has grown progressively over the past forty years and to date there are over 38,000 members.

Operating Principles:

(a) Open and voluntary membership.

(b) Democratic control.

Exciting Articles

(c) Non- discrimination.

(d) Limited interest on capital.

(e) Proportional distribution of surplus.

(f) Co-operative education.

(g) Co-operation among co-operatives.

Physical Address:
Upper Hill, Nairobi

P.o Box: 11607 – 0400, Nairobi

Tel: 0202731463

City: Nairobi


Afya Sacco Society Ltd

Afya Sacco Society Ltd