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Air Conditioning Contractors in Kenya

Air Conditioning Contractors in Kenya

Air Conditioning Contractors in Kenya specialize in design, supply, installation, servicing and maintenance.Also  repair of industrial, commercial and domestic air conditioning systems and equipment for a diverse range of customers throughout Kenya and the East African Region.


Customers that depend on Air Conditioning Contractors in Kenya include; bars / clubs , Commercial Caterers, health centers, hospitals, hotels, leisure centers, local authorities / Councils, Offices, residential / domestic – Conservatories, restaurants, retail outlets, Schools, Colleges and Universities, shops, shopping centers, showrooms,swimming pools etc.


Based on its positive customer results and the desire to achieving their goals within the Air conditioning Contractors in Kenya businesses, they continue to maximize their efforts towards total customer satisfaction with the development of a wide range of refrigeration products and services.

Air-Conditioning-Companies-and-Contractors in-Kenya

Air-Conditioning-Companies-and-Contractors in-Kenya


Air Conditioning  contractors in Kenya-Air Conditioning Companies in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all air conditioning companies and contractors in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the air conditioning contractors in Kenya websites.



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List of Air Conditioning Contractors in Kenya

  1. Air Techniques Ltd
  2. Airflow Engineering Ltd
  3. Airforce Cooling Systems
  4. Airlink Refritechnical Services
  5. Airplus Cooling Systems & Electrical Contractors
  6. Airplus Cooling Systems & Electrical Contractors Limited
  7. Airtouch Cooling Systems
  8. Austin & Partners Ltd
  9. Axis Engineering Services Ltd
  10. Baykal Refrigiration
  11. Calfield (E A) Services Ltd
  12. City Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Services
  13. Clean Air Systems Ltd
  14. Climate Evolution Africa
  15. Concor Enterprises
  16. Coolxtreme Ltd
  17. Crossflow Air Conditioning & Technical Services Ltd
  18. Emjen Electromechanical Company
  19. Excel – Daima
  20. Express Cooling Services Ltd
  21. Farm Airconditioning & Refrigeration Engineers Ltd
  22. Frapa Refrigeration
  23. Gilfield Services Ltd
  24. Gilfilian Air Conditioning Ltd
  25. Hall Equatorial Ltd
  26. Hotpoint Appliances Ltd – Sarit Centre Branch
  27. Intercool Ventilation Systems Ltd
  28. Jaffrey Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
  29. Jumair Cooling Systems
  30. Kraftfeld Enterprises Ltd
  31. Lean Ventures Limited
  32. Matt Technologies
  33. Morison Engineering Ltd
  34. New Edge Technologies Ltd/Stulz
  35. Nyali Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services Ltd
  36. Rearex East Africa Limited
  37. Saava Engineering Limited
  38. Saava Engineering Limited
  39. Thermoteq Cooling Services Ltd – Service Center Branch
  40. Tile & Carpet Centre Ltd