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Building Materials in Kenya

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Building Materials in Kenya

Building materials are any substance, natural or man made, which is used for construction purposes to create structures and buildings.

The choice of building materials is determined by factors like availability, cost, tenacity and durability.

Common types of building materials in Kenya.


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These are the most common used type of material. They are two types of stones in the market; manually cut stones and machine cut stones. The manually cut stones are strong and are prefered for foundations and load bearing walls.

Machine cut stones are well shaped with an even surface, which helps in saving on time and labour cost that would have gone into dressing. They also save on mortar during building and plastering since there are no uneven gaps to be filled.


This is used wit cement, and sometimes lime, to make mortar for masonry work and plaster. The material is also used as a part of the concrete mix.

Fired bricks

These are made using clay which is compressed to form blocks then air dried. After drying,the bricks are burnt or fired in a kiln to permanently harden them. Fired bricks are commonly used for construction of walls and arches as a substitute to stone. They are popular due to their fire resistance abilities.


Metal features prominently in structural framework of buildings. Steel is the most used metal during construction.

Steel is commonly used to make reinforced concrete used as support for structures in buildings, dam and bridges.
Copper is commonly used for electric wires, indoor design elements and piping for water supply.

Aluminium is used for gutters, roofing sheets and roofing nails while other metals such as a gold silver and chrome are used for decorations due to their high cost and lack of tensile strength and hardness.


Cement is used in masonry work as an adhesive to hold the stones, bricks and blocks in place as well as in plastering.

The material is mixed with aggregate (sand and gravel) as a binder to form concrete which is commonly used for building of floors, bridges, dams and roads.


Wood is used mainly in panelling, flooring and general finishing. It also used in construction of roofs, ceiling, doors and window frames and exterior cladding.


It is important on buildings since it provides the ability to let in light into the interiors while simultaneously locking out undesirable weather elements.

Roofing sheet

These are most common roofing materials in the country due to their affordability.They come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes and are usually produced with a series of alternating grooves and ridges(corrugation) which inrease their binding strength.

Roofing Tiles

These are thin flat slabs of fired clay, concrete, cement or metal usually laid in rows to form a roofing cover

A comprehensive list of all companies dealing with building materials in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the building materials in Kenya company website.

List of Building Materials in Kenya Companies

  1. Aberdare Steel & Hardware Ltd
  2. Abhani Commercial Ltd
  3. Aristocrats Concrete Ltd
  4. ASL Ltd – Trading Division – Industrial Area Branch
  5. ASL Ltd – Trading Division – Parklands Showroom Branch
  6. ASL Ltd – Trading Division – Showroom 2 Branch
  7. Atos Creations
  8. Bamburi Special Products
  9. Bilco Engineering
  10. C K Patel Ltd
  11. Cabroworks (E A) Ltd – Main Office Branch
  12. Chuma Na Rangi Ltd
  13. Coast Metals Traders Ltd
  14. Concrete & Allied Craft Ltd
  15. Crown Classics Ltd
  16. Dayalal Bhanji & Sons Ltd
  17. Dhara Wholesalers Ltd
  18. Dogra Engineering Co Ltd
  19. Dolphin International Co. Ltd
  20. Doshi Ironmongers Ltd
  21. Eddyson Enterprises
  22. Eurobond Industries Pvt Ltd
  23. Fairface Supplies Ltd
  24. Galaxy Heritage Ltd
  25. Gifan Enterprises
  26. Gipxons Investments Ltd
  27. Gulf Steel Ltd
  28. Haryoum Steel Centre Ltd
  29. Heet Enteprises Ltd
  30. Houseman ‘n’ Hardware
  31. Imperial Pillars Ltd
  32. K G International Ltd
  33. Kags Trading Co. Ltd
  34. Kalu Hardware & Tools Ltd
  35. Kange Construction
  36. Kencivco Ltd
  37. Kenmate Co.Ltd
  38. Kenya Builders & Concrete Co Ltd
  39. Kenya Calcium Products Ltd
  40. Kijana Contractors
  41. Kizuri Waffles
  42. Lavan Building Paradise
  43. M S A Enterprises
  44. Mafra Hardware
  45. Manson Hart Kenya Ltd
  46. Mareba Enterprises Ltd
  47. Mawe Masters Ltd
  48. Maxcare Limited
  49. Mazingira Building Solutions
  50. Miritini Building Products Ltd
  51. Mjengo Limited – Thika Branch
  52. Mkomani Enterprises Ltd
  53. Modsan Hardware Ltd
  54. Multisystem Hardware & Suppliers Ltd
  55. Muthokinju Paints & Interiors
  56. Muthokinju Paints & Interiors – Juja Branch
  57. Muthokinju Paints & Interiors – Muranga Branch
  58. Mwati Services
  59. Nails & Steel Products Ltd
  60. Nails & Steel Products Ltd
  61. Nanyuki Timber & Hardware
  62. National Concrete Ltd
  63. Nemchand Anand & Co
  64. New Kikuyu Building Materials Store
  65. Nujoom Hardware Ltd
  66. Patel Concrete Co
  67. PG Bison (K) Ltd
  68. Pinnacle Timber Products
  69. Plumbline Hardware Stores Ltd
  70. Plysales (K) Ltd
  71. Rams Building Material
  72. Rashmilan Enterprises Ltd – Head Office Branch
  73. Roser Roofing (E. A.) Ltd
  74. Samka Holdings Ltd
  75. Silver Stone Masters Ltd
  76. Simba Pavers Ltd
  77. Sitemate
  78. Sonet Co. Ltd
  79. Southern General Hardware Supplies
  80. Stanklean Commercial Ltd
  81. Stone Arts Integrated Interiors Ltd
  82. Three Gem Supplies
  83. Tile & Carpet Centre Ltd
  84. Uniblue Suppliers
  85. Vishkarma Industries Ltd
  86. Walls & Floors Holdings Ltd
  87. Wara Hardware
  88. Wareng Ndovu Enterprises (2005) Ltd
  89. Warren Concrete Ltd
  90. Yamini Builders Co. Ltd


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