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Ceramic Tiles in Kenya – Ceramic Products in Kenya

Ceramic Tiles in Kenya – Ceramic Products in Kenya

Factors to consider when choosing floor tiles.

1) Ascertain the size of the tiles to use. Tiles are usually manufactured in a standardized 12 inch by 12 inch size, but there are smaller ones measuring 8 inch by 8 inch.

2) The measurement of the space to be tiled. Divide the square footage of the space by the size of the tile to get the number of floor tiles required for the job. Remember to allow for some replacement tiles in the event you need to replace damaged tiles.

3)Analyse the room you wish to tile. Tiles for busy rooms are likely get broken than those for less frequented rooms.

4) The type of tile. They are many types of tiles available in the market, including porcelain, ceramic, peel and stick, terra cotta, concrete among others. The choice of tile may be influenced by several factors such as tile’s ease of maintenance, water resistance level and its susceptibility to high or low temperature.

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5) The type and the colour. Tiles comes in numerous patterns that gives shoppers unlimited tile possibilities. The colour of the tile may be limited by the fact that not all types of tiles come in patterns and solid colours. Unless you choose ceramic tiles which come in colours and patterns, the decision on colour may be limited.

6)Budget- The prices of tiles vary depending on factors such as type and durability. Keep in mind that sometimes cheaper is more expensive in the long end.

A comprehensive list of all ceramic tiles in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the ceramic products in Kenya websites.

List of Ceramic Tiles in Kenya and Ceramic Products in Kenya

  1. Dhruv Ceramics Ltd
  2. Diamond Interiors Ltd
  3. Ganapati Ceramics Ltd
  4. Ideal Ceramics Ltd – Head Office Branch
  5. Ideal Ceramics Ltd – Mombasa Branch
  6. Ideal Ceramics Ltd – Westlands Branch
  7. Kazuri 2000 Ltd – Junction Branch
  8. Kel Chemicals Ltd
  9. Mount Kenya Ceramics & sanitary Ltd
  10. R.A.K Ceramics Kenya
  11. R.A.K Ceramics Kenya – Kijabe Street Branch
  12. R.A.K Ceramics Kenya – Mombasa Branch
  13. R.A.K Ceramics Kenya – Parklands Branch
  14. Vision Five Neno Agencies

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