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Clinics in Kenya

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Clinics in Kenya

Private Clinics in Kenya are registered by the Clinical Officers Council, the Nursing Council or the Medical  practitioners and Dentists Board, depending on the proprietor’s qualifications

A clinical officer wishing to register a clinic requires 10 years of experience. They are usually small units, often with a medical laboratory, which offer a wide range of services, depending on the training level of the proprietors.

Clinics in Kenya – Mobile Clinics

Travel through rural Kenya and assist a mobile clinic in bringing hope, healthcare and education to poverty stricken communities. You’ll experience true Africa and be able to soak up the beautiful scenery, colourful culture and unmatched wildlife.

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Clinics in Kenya Photo

Clinics in Kenya Photo

This healthcare volunteer project aims to assist these communities through teaching and healthcare, as well as helping them be more self-sufficient and sustainable.

The mobile clinics offer health resources through family planning, HIV/AIDS integrated services, TB, curative health care, and immunization.

Consisting of nurses, health workers and a driver, the Mobile Clinic visits a different community and school each day, revisiting each site every 3 months to provide follow-up care and education.

This volunteer project will allow you to gain experience in the medical field by working closely with nurses and community health workers.

Here is  comprehensive list of all clinics in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the clinics website.

Clinics in Kenya – Video

Clinics in Kenya