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Bars and Clubs in Kenya

Bars and Clubs in Kenya

It is given that many people visiting Kenya want to go on a killer safari, but a vibrant nightlife in the cities and Indian Ocean coastal towns attracts visitors too. Nairobi has the coolest lounges, Bars and Clubs in Kenya ranging from seafood restaurant bar, to Italian living room, to pulsating dance venue.

Bars and Clubs in Kenya – Nightclubs

Typically nightclubs are open late, often till the sun shines the next day. It’s common to take your time, eat dinner and possibly visit a bar before checking into the main destination of the night. Small neighborhood bars, guest houses, or just the side of the road are good places to get started before moving on.

Top nightlife spots in Nairobi

Skylux Lounge

Skylux Lounge is located in Soin Arcade, second floor, Westlands Road, Nairobi. They offer luxury suroundings, good vibes, professional service and delicious cocktails.

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Havana Bar and Restaurant

Havana Bar and Restaurant is located on Woodvale Grove in Westlands, just close to Sarit Centre. Havana has a decent bar with a good selection of local and international brands.

Mercury Lounge
It is located off Waiyaki way at ABC place.The club is well decorated with modern furnishings and there is ample parking and security as well.


Pavement club is located in Westview centre near Westlands roundabout. It is popular with expatriates and Kenyans with high international exposure.

Klub House
It is located in the cool and serene suburbs of Westlands along Parklands-Ojijo road. It is popularly known for reggae night on Thursdays

Kengeles Club

Kengeles Club is situated in the Koinange street opposite Kenya Comfort hotel.

Bacchus Lounge

Bacchus is located on Woodvale Grove, Westlands right next to Havana. The club is popular for hosting grand parties and events on Wednesdays and weekends

Club Tribeka

Club Tribeka is located in Banda street, Nairobi. It was established at the tail-end of 2011.It has a swanky VIP section, Beka Lounge, sitting 150-180 guests. It is a popular choice for the urbane Nairobi professional hangout, private parties and corporate events.

Havana Bar

Havana Bar and Restaurant is located on Woodvale Grove in Westlands, just close to Sarit Centre. It has good bar with an awesome selection of local and international brands.

Black Diamond

Black Diamond is located in the cosmopolitan suburb of Westlands (Mpaka Road) with spacious balcony to offer the best view of the area.

Top Bars and Clubs in Kenya.

Black Diamond (Nairobi)

Shakatak disco (Diani Beach)

Florida Nightclub and Casino (Mombasa)

Pirates Beach Bar (Mombasa)

K1 KlubHouse (Nairobi)

Club Hypnotica (Mombasa)

Skylux Lounge (Nairobi)

Aqua Blu Club and Lounge Bar (Nairobi)

Bars and Clubs in Kenya

Bars and Clubs in Kenya

Bars and Clubs in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all Bars and Clubs in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the clubs and bars in Kenya websites.

List of Clubs and Bars in Kenya

  1. 24/7 Lounge
  2. 3 Stars Pub
  3. 7 Degrees Bar,Restaurant & Lounge
  4. Aberdare Country Club – Nyeri Kenya
  5. Aero Club of East Africa
  6. Amka Bar & Restaurant
  7. Annex Bar
  8. Apple Bees – Down Town Branch
  9. Aqua Blu Club & Lounge Bar
  10. Arfa Lounge Bar
  11. Aromatic Perfume Bar
  12. Athusi Bar & Res Co
  13. Bacchus Bar & Lounge
  14. Bar Bar Restaurant
  15. Beams Annex Hotel
  16. Black & White Bar
  17. Black Diamond Club
  18. Blue Ocean Swimming Club
  19. Bobs Sandwich Bar Ltd
  20. Bonitaz Club
  21. Brown Bottle
  22. Caribana Bar & Grill
  23. Casablanca Club
  24. Casablanca Cocktail Lounge
  25. City Cabanas
  26. Club Click
  27. Club Heritage
  28. Club Hypnotica
  29. Club Ichonic
  30. Club Kutwa
  31. Club Lambada International
  32. Club Nypd
  33. Club Quest
  34. Club Rio
  35. Club Sea Front
  36. Clubs in Nairobi Kenya
  37. Coco Jambo Restaurant
  38. Cocos Beach Bar
  39. Conection Village Embakasi
  40. Dolce, The Club
  41. Dreamland Hotel
  42. East Africa Kennel Club
  43. East African Ramgarhia Board
  44. Escapades Bar & Restaurant
  45. European Cable & Electrical Ltd
  46. Florida 2000 Discotheque
  47. Florida Night Club
  48. Free Masons Hall
  49. Full Moon Night Club & Restaurant
  50. Full Moon Night Club & Restaurant
  51. G-10’s Disco
  52. Good Hope Cateres
  53. Goodwill Bar & Restaurant
  54. Great White Investment
  55. Greepark Golf & Country Complex
  56. Guava Bar
  57. Havere Agencies Ltd
  58. Hidden Ltd
  59. Hillocks Country Club
  60. Hot Hauz Deep West Club
  61. Impala Club
  62. J.K.A Garden Resort Club
  63. Jerrys Pub
  64. Jockey Club of Kenya
  65. John Limb Golf Ltd
  66. Juhudi Children’s Club
  67. Karen Country Club
  68. Kenpipe Sacco Ltd
  69. Kentmere Club Description,Location,Facilities,Contacts and Image
  70. Kindaruma Bar
  71. Kisumu Simba Club
  72. Kitale Club
  73. Klub Baron
  74. Kwanza Kenya Club
  75. Legend Lounge
  76. Leisure Golf Club Description, Location,Facilities,Contacts and Image
  77. Liddos Club
  78. Limuru Country Club
  79. Links Place Pub & Restaurant
  80. Lusohill Bar & Restaurant
  81. M Club
  82. Makuti Resort Club
  83. Maladen Bar & Restaurant
  84. Mega Bar & Restaurant
  85. Mercury The Last Drop
  86. Misty Ginger Bar & Lounge
  87. Model Pub
  88. Mombasa Yacht Club
  89. Muigai Inn
  90. Muthaiga Country Club
  91. Muthaiga Country Club
  92. Muthaiga Country Club Description,Membership Information,Location,Facilities,Contacts and Image
  93. Nairobi City Stars
  94. Nairobi Club
  95. Nairobi Club
  96. Nairobi Gymkhana Club
  97. Nairobi Safari Club – Kenya
  98. Naku Sacco Society Ltd
  99. Nanyuki Sports Club
  100. Natives Sports Bar & Grill
  101. New Amar Ltd
  102. New Brother Bar & Restaurant
  103. New Coco Savana Restaurant
  104. New Mukaro Garden Club
  105. Newman Bar & Restaurant
  106. Ninety Nine Flying Club
  107. Njiriri’s
  108. Nyahururu Sports Club
  109. Nyeri Club
  110. On The Grind Coffee Bar Ltd
  111. Onami Grill & Sushi Bar
  112. Park Inn Place
  113. Parklands Sports Club Description,Location,Facilities,Contacts and Image
  114. Pink Lips Pub
  115. Pirates Club
  116. Public Service Club
  117. Rainbow Down Town Hotel
  118. Recreation Base Ltd
  119. Recreational Facilities Management Ltd
  120. Red Scissors
  121. Reke Marie Bar & Restaurant
  122. Rico Caribbean Bar & Restaurant
  123. Rift Valley Sports Club
  124. Rift Valley Sports Club
  125. Royal Pub Restaurant
  126. Ruiru Sports Club
  127. Sabrina’s Ethiopian Bar & Restaurant
  128. Santa Fe Lounge
  129. Scotchies Lounge
  130. Scratch Bar & Grill
  131. SEMA Toastmasters’ Club
  132. Sheba Lounge
  133. Sheebeen, The Bar
  134. Sikiliza (Pickford Ltd)
  135. Simba Union Club
  136. Sirville Brewery & Lounge
  137. Smart Speak Toastmasters Club
  138. Smokey’s Bar & Restaurant
  139. Sofapaka Football Club
  140. Solar Garden Bar & Grill
  141. Spinners Pub & Grill
  142. Stardust Entertainment’s Art Ltd
  143. Steak House Malindi
  144. Steps Pub Restaurant
  145. Tamambo Tapas Bar
  146. Tembo Disco Beergarden Restaurant
  147. The Amboseli Gardens
  148. The Big Five Breweries Ltd
  149. The Capital Club East Africa
  150. The Nairobi Wine Gallery
  151. Thika Sports Club
  152. United Kenya Club
  153. Urban Flavas
  154. Yipee Kids Entertainment
  155. Zanze Bar

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