Computer Shops in Kenya – Laptops in Kenya

Shopping for computers, laptops and computer accessories in Kenya can be tedious if you do not know where to get the great quality for the best prices. There are many computer shops in Kenya with different prices for the same products.

Computer Shops in Kenya

Whether you are looking for a cable, battery, adapter, flash disk or removable hard disk, switches or hubs, CRT or TFT screen, software (e.g Anti-Virus, Office), laptop or desktop computer, headphones or speakers, printers and/or other accessories; it is important you know the best places to look. When it comes to buying computers in Kenya quality supersedes anything else.

Factors to Consider When Buying Computers in Kenya

When buying a computer in Kenya, there are things to consider before buying a computer to get the best products:


Category: Computer Shops in Kenya – Laptops in Kenya

High quality products are very important when it comes to electronics, mostly since each piece is expensive and important. There are many computer shops in Kenya only out to make an easy shilling, using second hand products, fakes, or even cleverly sell the wrong thing altogether.


Category: Computer Shops in Kenya – Laptops in Kenya

My golden rule when it comes to electronics is “If I can bargain, am not at the right store”. With good pricing, most shops stick at a single price tag. The secret is getting a good price for a quality product. With most of the computer shops in this post, you get just that.

Research the Product

Category: Computer Shops in Kenya – Laptops in Kenya

Go online and find out what the best model of the product is, then visit the computer shop website to check out what the prices are. This information is vital before going out to look for something.

Guarantee and Reputation

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The best computer shops in Kenya offers products with warranty and not just on paper. Many a shop in Nairobi will not offer warranty or even blame the customer for any errors in the products. It is advisable to go for reputable computer stores and shops.

Stock and Availabity

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This, basically, is about how big is the shop. It is not pleasant to run around town for each different piece of accessory. A good computer shop ought to have most products under one roof.

Customer Care and Staff

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Support is essential when buying any electronics. Any good shop has competent staff that can explain and help test out different products.

Best Computer Shops in Kenya

Arctic Computer Shop

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Arctic Computer Shop is among the best computer shops in Nairobi. Artic computer shop have some of the best prices and great customer service, Arctic Computer Shop located at Kenwood House is a Must Check whenever you need to buy any piece of electronics.

For more information visit: Arctic Computer Shop

Bestell Computer Limited

Category: Computer Shops in Kenya – Computer Shops in Nairobi – Laptops in Kenya

Located at Kimathi House, Bestell Computers has competitive prices and quality of products.

For more information visit: Bestell Computer Limited

Starcomss Computer Services

Category: Computer Shops in Kenya – Laptops in Kenya

Starcomms Computer Services is one of my favorites. Anyway, like Bestell and Arctic, they have great prices for quality products. Starcomms Computer Services is another electronics place to check out before making any computer-related purchase decision.

For more information visit: Starcomss Computer Services

Computer Shops in Kenya

Computer Shops in Kenya

PC World

Category: Computer Shops in Kenya – Computer Shops in Nairobi – Laptops in Kenya

PC World has the latest imports from iPads, tablets and other gadgets to the latest releases of computers and related accessories. Located at PC World House, Mpaka Road, Westlands, PC World is one of the more popular stores for great products, although prices are a bit high.

For more information visit:PC World

Ebrahim Electronics Ltd

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Also worth mentioning is Ebrahim Electronics. They have excellent customer service but their prices are a bit high.

For more information visit: Ebrahim Electronics Ltd

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List of Computer Shops in Kenya

  1. Cage Computer Institute
  2. Techware Enterprises Limited
  3. Ziziplus Br & Stores
  4. Zeinet Computers
  5. Zee Net Ltd
  6. Yotam Systems International Ltd
  7. Yota Enterprises
  8. Yonghe International Trading Co. Ltd
  9. Xllent Technologies Ltd
  10. World Doc Computers Ltd
  11. Woodbridge Computers Ltd
  12. Wonder Technologies Ltd
  13. Wirelink Systems
  14. White Colour Ltd
  15. Webyte Technologies
  16. Webline Technologies
  17. Web Engineering Ltd
  18. Watz Electronix
  19. Wall Street Distribution Agency Limited
  20. Visual Data Systems
  21. Visiontech World
  22. Vision Technologies
  23. Vision Tech Group Ltd
  24. Vision Seven Investments
  25. Virtual Medium
  26. Virtual Computers Ltd
  27. Valley Computer Systems Ltd
  28. Unitek Computer Services Ltd
  29. United Micro Care Systems
  30. Unisys Computer Systems
  31. Unified Systems Ltd
  32. Tygi Enterprises
  33. Twee Trove Systems
  34. Tsavo Gardens Ltd
  35. Tropical Communication Centre
  36. Tronic World Ltd
  37. Triple Three Solutions Ltd
  38. Trio-Tech Cyber Cafe
  39. Trans Business Machines Ltd (TBM) – Head Office Branch
  40. Tradcom Services
  41. Touchdown Systems Ltd
  42. Timism Networls
  43. Timetrax Computer Systems Ltd
  44. Time Systems
  45. Tiklite (World) Traders
  46. The Micropoint Systems Ltd
  47. Terrabyte Computers
  48. Technovy Systems Ltd
  49. Technology Worldwide Ltd
  50. Technology Associates
  51. Techbuyz Technology
  52. Tech Zone Solutions
  53. Tech Com Agencies
  54. Tash Computers
  55. Tamalink Communication
  56. Taitanicom Systems Enterprises
  57. Tactile Technologies
  58. Systems Insight Engineering Ltd
  59. Sys-Link Computers Ltd
  60. Syncron Solutions
  61. Syncnet Computer Systems Ltd
  62. Sync-Tronic Computer Systems
  63. Swift IT Solutions Ltd
  64. Superserve Technologies Ltd
  65. Sun Systems Ltd
  66. Styles Computers
  67. Streamlan Solutions Ltd
  68. Stewan Computer Garage Ltd
  69. Stelon Technologies
  70. Stedvins Office Systems Ltd
  71. Steam Electronics
  72. Standard IT Solutions Ltd
  73. Stakahs Combined Technologies
  74. Splice Technologies
  75. Spiceworld Technologies Ltd
  76. Spatial Information Technologies
  77. Sparnoon-Dynatech Kenya Ltd – Nairobi Branch
  78. Spaceman Solutions – Mombasa Branch
  79. Spa Link Technologies Ltd
  80. Sonic Technology
  81. Somi Express Services
  82. Softbit Computer Consultants
  83. Smartedge East Africa Ltd
  84. Smartchip Dyamics Ltd
  85. Smart Print Africa
  86. Smarks Computer World
  87. Smack Systems Computers
  88. Skypro Ltd
  89. Sky Technologies Ltd
  90. Sky Tech Ltd
  91. Sir Moo Initiative Foundation Group of Co.Ltd
  92. Simpro Tech Technologies
  93. Simple Computers
  94. Silicon Micro Solutions
  95. Sight & Sound Computers Ltd
  96. Shop It Store Ltd
  97. Shiftin Enterprises
  98. Shanjan Kenya
  99. Servtel Communications Ltd
  100. Sath External Technology
  101. Sarun Communication Solutions
  102. Santech Ltd
  103. Samtech Computer Services Co Ltd
  104. Samiwa Technologies
  105. Samanto Technologies
  106. Robco Office Supplies
  107. Roadtech Associates Ltd
  108. Ridge & Roy Enterprises
  109. Revolution ICT Solutions
  110. Revlor Technologies Ltd
  111. Reddington EPZ Ltd
  112. Red Dot Distribution Ltd
  113. Real Mart Systems Ltd
  114. Read Technologies Ltd
  115. Ravenzo Trading Ltd
  116. Ratrac Enterprises
  117. Rapid Applicaitons Developers
  118. RAM-IT Computer Services
  119. Queenstar Technologies
  120. Pyramid Computer Technology Ltd
  121. Promise Technologies & Supplies Ltd
  122. Prodigitech Ltd
  123. Procom Computer Technologies Ltd
  124. Primary Pc Technologies
  125. Pride Computer
  126. Power Max System Computer
  127. Pollstar Computer Systems & Networking
  128. Pinfosol.Com Ltd
  129. Pctech Systems Ltd
  130. Peak Technologies Ltd
  131. PC World Ltd
  132. Parriq Computers
  133. Pal’s Computers
  134. Pace-It Computing Ltd
  135. Overdrive Consultants Ltd
  136. Osfa Agencies
  137. Optimum Technologies
  138. Optimized Computer Systems
  139. Opendata Ltd
  140. Ontime (A) Solutions
  141. Ontech Systems Ltd
  142. Online Networks
  143. Onix Computer Services Ltd
  144. Omega Micro Computer Systems Ltd
  145. OEL Sysnet Ltd
  146. Njoroni Computer Services Ltd
  147. Njamba’s Book Centre
  148. Niti Distributors Ltd
  149. Niti Computers Ltd
  150. Ngawa Solutions
  151. Next Technologies Ltd
  152. Next Link Systems
  153. Next Decade Communication System
  154. Next Computers
  155. New Tech Solution
  156. Nevira Epson Centre Ltd
  157. Netwits Ltd
  158. Netwave Technologies
  159. Nettel Technologies
  160. Netlink Computers Ltd
  161. Netbridge Technology
  162. Neptune Technologies Ltd
  163. NCR (Kenya) Ltd
  164. Nascotech Copier Services
  165. Narmco Computer Systems
  166. Nakuru Computer Resources
  167. Mustek (E.A) Ltd
  168. Mowa Investments
  169. Mosan Investment
  170. Morilink Infosystems Ltd
  171. Momella Enterprises Ltd
  172. Mombasa Intraglobal Technologies
  173. Mogut Computers
  174. Modern Generation Technologies
  175. Millenium Instrumentation
  176. Millenium Cyber Systems
  177. MicroLan Kenya Ltd
  178. Microcity Kenya Ltd
  179. Microage Computer Revolution
  180. Metrotech Systems
  181. Mericom Solutions Ltd
  182. Megacomps Applied Technologies
  183. Mega Electronics & Computer Repair
  184. Media Technology Resources
  185. Maxtor Computers
  186. Maxtech Solutions
  187. Matrix Group,The
  188. Matara Adventures
  189. Marson Intergrated Ltd
  190. Marshtech Computers
  191. Markpoint Solutions
  192. Manam Limited
  193. Maltech Computers Services
  194. Magitech Computers
  195. Mafraq Computers
  196. Mackphilisa Computer Systems Ltd
  197. Mackin Enterprises
  198. Mabrook Computers & Electronics Ltd
  199. Lynx Computers
  200. Lotus Communications Services
  201. Lixnet Technologies Ltd
  202. Liontec Merchandize & Services
  203. Linear Computer Systems
  204. Limpo Business Systems Ltd
  205. Likan Computers Ltd
  206. Likagi Global Technologies
  207. Lifespring Tech Computers
  208. Libro Business Systems
  209. Libco Systems Ltd
  210. Lexxy Technologies
  211. Leverage Enterprises Ltd
  212. Leverage Computers
  213. Level One Technologies Ltd
  214. Legend Technologies (EPZ) Ltd
  215. Leetech Computer System
  216. LaserTech (K) Ltd
  217. Laptop & Computer Garage
  218. Lantechnics Computers
  219. Lanseair Computers Ltd
  220. Lamoya Technologies
  221. La Bells Technologies
  222. Kwesi Computer Solutions
  223. Knick Point Technologies
  224. Kish Tech-Solutions
  225. Kintech Microsystems
  226. Kingsway Business Systems Ltd
  227. Kings Computer Repairs
  228. Kiafrika Software Ltd
  229. Kenya Microcomputers Ltd
  230. Kenya Micro Electronics
  231. Kentech Solutions
  232. Kenafro Computers Ltd
  233. Kedy Link
  234. Kamuto Enterprises
  235. K E W L Technologies Ltd
  236. Joystick Computers
  237. Jovimac Technology
  238. Joriam Technologies
  239. Jolytech Solutions
  240. Jokama Computer Sales
  241. Joaline Technologies
  242. Jo World Agencies Ltd
  243. Jmark Computer Solution
  244. Jerry Computers
  245. Jegam Solutions
  246. Jaydee Computer Solutions Ltd
  247. Jarox Technologies
  248. Jane Wangui
  249. Jamatek Computers
  250. Jacekar Enterprises
  251. IT 4 Africa Kenya Ltd
  252. Intra Technologies
  253. Into Computers (K) Ltd
  254. Intex Solutions
  255. Intex Computers
  256. Intertel Office Solution
  257. Interscope Technologies Ltd
  258. Intermass Technologies Ltd
  259. Intellitech Ltd
  260. Intelli Solutions Ltd
  261. Intel’sys Re-solutions
  262. Integrated Supplies & Consultancy Ltd
  263. Intech Computer Garage
  264. Innovative Information Systems
  265. Imagine Business Solutions
  266. Ileys Comps Cables & Wireless
  267. I C N Solution (K) Ltd
  268. I C N – Toshiba (K) Ltd
  269. Horizon Systems Ltd
  270. High Power Express Shop
  271. Hautech Business Systems
  272. Harvesters Audio Visual Electronics
  273. Hardrock Developers Co
  274. Hake Solutions
  275. Grand Rapid Technologies
  276. Gotech Systems Services
  277. Global Net Systems
  278. Global Icon Technologies
  279. Gilberson Trading Co.
  280. Gigatech Technologies
  281. Gigabyte Systems
  282. Gift Computer Systems
  283. Genisys Computer Engineering System
  284. Gazelle Computer Services Ltd
  285. Gaman 2 Computer & Accessories
  286. Gain Computers
  287. Futuretech Systems
  288. Future Micro Technology Ltd
  289. Fusion Technologies Ltd
  290. Fozom Networking Services Ltd
  291. Forward Technologies Ltd
  292. Fortune Techologies Ltd
  293. Flexible Technologies
  294. Flash Computers Ltd
  295. First Schools & College Computers
  296. First Itech Co – Nairobi Branch
  297. First Computers Ltd
  298. Fincom Technologies Ltd
  299. Fgee Technical Agencies
  300. Felibet Automation Systems Ltd