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Business Consultancy Firms in Kenya – Consulting Firms in Kenya

Business Consultancy Firms in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all business consultancy firms in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the consulting firms in Kenya websites.

List of Consulting Firms in Kenya

  1. Aon Consulting.
  2. PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
  3. Computer Associates.
  4. Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)
  5. Dalberg.
  6. Deloitte Consulting.
  7. Ernst & Young.
  8. Gallup Consulting.
  9. Bright Startup
  10. Grant Thornton
  11. Benrich Success System Ltd
  12. Hill and Knowlton
  13. Manpower
  14. Simati Ltd
  15. Upo Ltd
  16. KPMG Consulting
  17. Bridgelink International
  18. Cemat Solutions
  19. Millward Brown
  20. SAP Consulting
  21. African Management Services Co(AMSCO)
  22. Albrightt Resources Limited
  23. Computer Sciences Corporation (EA) Ltd
  24. Customer Services Consulting Co Ltd
  25. Dotevipa Enterprises Ltd
  26. Earge Ltd
  27. GBSH Consult
  28. Golden Afrika (K) Ltd
  29. Grundfos (P.T.Y) Ltd
  30. Global Millionaires
  31. Comztek Services (K) Limited
  32. Goshen Consultants
  33. HR-World Management Services Limited
  34. East African Confeseration of Informal Sector Org
  35. Eastgate International Ltd
  36. European Business Assistance Scheme
  37. Evolve Business Consultants
  38. Fadhili Business Solutions
  39. Fit Resurces Ltd
  40. G.R May Business Consultant
  41. Faulu Advisory Services
  42. IMARC Group
  43. Improve Your Business Kenya
  44. Instep Business Services
  45. Kenya Association of Women Business 0wners
  46. Kisqo Agencies Ltd
  47. Kraft Ventures Int Ltd
  48. M M Services (K) Ltd
  49. Level Moja Capital Solutions
  50. Serenity Services Ltd
  51. M F M International Ltd
  52. Nope International Institute
  53. Jacca Consulting Group Ltd
  54. Management and Business Advisory Services
  55. Practicum Leadership
  56. Lan-x Africa Ltd
  57. Sante Ventures
  58. Securenet (A) Ltd
  59. Zuri Investment
  60. Seed Capital Investment Ltd
  61. Westwood Management (E.A) Ltd
  62. Swedinco Limited
  63. Strategic Consultants Ltd
  64. Superior Concepts Management Consultants
  65. Technico Development and Financing Limited
  66. Strategic Consultants Ltd
  67. UPO Ltd

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