Electric Fence Companies in Kenya

Electric Fence Companies in Kenya pride themselves in providing Quality and Making their clients feel safe. Their clients security and needs are of paramount importance. Installation and Supply of Security Appliances in Kenya and Maintenance thereof is their field of expertise. They are a professional company with skilled and qualified staff and they offer quotes and survey free of charge.

Electric Fence Companies in Kenya – Services

Electric Fence Companies in Kenya are approved installers of Variety of Products For Security Purposes. They Sell, Supply and Install all types of Security Appliances and Electrical Accessories. For Electric Fencing product they supply and give Maintenance contracts. They specialize in all types of Electrical Fencing Installations all over Kenya, big or small including Residential, Commercial,  and Industrial.

Electric Fence Companies – Clientele

They deal with fences for industrial and farmstead perimeter security fences, as well as game, animal enclosures, boma’s and temporary fencing for all types of animals. We also specialize in Razor Wire Fencing, Gate Automation, Bulletproofing, CCTV and Alarm Systems. Electric fences are non lethal. Their Electrical Fence Energizers come standard with a backup battery which has a life of between 6-8 hours in the event of a power cut.

Electric Fence Companies in Kenya Photo
Electric Fence Companies  Kenya Photo

Electric Fence Installation Companies in Kenya

A comprehensive list of electric fence companies in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the electric fence companies in Kenya websites.

List of Electric Fence Companies

    Electric Fence Installation Companies in Kenya – Video


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