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Engineers in Kenya

Engineers in Kenya

The Engineers in Kenya are firms registered in the statutory body established under Section 3(1) of the Engineers Act 2011. The Board has the overall mandate of developing and regulating engineering practice in Kenya. The development and regulation of engineering practice is considered a key component to the achievement of infrastructure foundation under the countryт€™s Vision 2030 development blueprint.

Engineers in Kenya – Inspiration of Excellence

Their aim is to be an inspiration of excellence to the engineering proffession and practice in Kenya and beyond.To promote and develop the engineering proffession, best practices for sustained development and welfare of Kenyans. The Institutions of Engineers in Kenya works in conjunction with other institutions and organizations that seek to promote and develop the engineering proffession and best practices in the world.

Engineers in Kenya Photo

Engineers in Kenya Photo

Engineers in Kenya – Consulting Engineers

The work Engineers in Kenya is promoting the Advancement of the Professionalism of Consulting Engineers by associating together for consultation and co-operation of those engineers whose work is of a purely consultative character. Their scope involves all engineering roles and providing facilities for Government, Public Bodies, and Associations. Representatives of Industry and Trade and others to confer with consulting engineers as a body and ascertain their collective views. The Association receives complaints on their member firms and also acts as a public watch-dog on engineering matters.

Engineers in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all Engineers in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the engineers in Kenya website.

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List of Engineers in Kenya

  1. Abdul Mullick Associates Ltd
  2. Aberdare Engineering Ltd
  3. Africa Project Cordination Agency
  4. African Consulting Engineers
  5. Africon Engineering (K) Ltd
  6. Afritech Engineering Ltd
  7. Afro German Engineers & Consultants Ltd
  8. Aldis Engineering Consultants Ltd
  9. Alps Engineering Ltd
  10. APEC (Aviation Projects & Engineering Co Ltd)
  11. Apec Consortium Ltd
  12. Apex Systems Consulting Group Ltd
  13. Armitech Consulting Engineers
  14. Associated Services Consultants
  15. Association of Consulting Engineers of Kenya
  16. Batch Associates Limited – Nairobi Branch
  17. Batch Associates Limited – Nanyuki Branch
  18. Batiment Project Consulting Ltd
  19. BCEOM, French Engineering Consultant
  20. Bhundia Associates
  21. Britech Ltd
  22. Burnard Andrew P & Associates
  23. Cape Consult
  24. Cas Consultants Ltd
  25. Cas Consultants Ltd
  26. Cas Consultants Ltd – Nyeri Branch
  27. Challenge Engineering Works Ltd
  28. Charchi Githinji & Partners
  29. Chartered Engineering Services
  30. Chung-tek Engineering Ltd
  31. Cist Consultants
  32. Consulting Engineering Services (I) Pvt Ltd
  33. Consulting Engineers Grabowsky & Poort B V
  34. Crestar Consulting Engineers Ltd
  35. Crystal Ball Appraisers
  36. Design Masterplan Ltd
  37. Ditech Engineering Services
  38. Ditech Engineering Services
  39. Draft & Develop Eng Ltd
  40. Dunstone Consulting Engineers
  41. East African Engineering Consultants
  42. Edcons (K) Ltd
  43. Ele-Mech Consultants
  44. Elmech Associates
  45. Eng Adnan Saffarini Office
  46. Engiconsult Ltd Consulting Engineers
  47. Engscope Consulting Engineers Ltd
  48. EngTech
  49. Feradon Associates Ltd
  50. Frame Consultants Ltd
  51. Frinconsult Ltd
  52. Fulspect Consultants (Engineering)
  53. GA Consultants Ltd
  54. Gado Consulting Engineers Ltd
  55. Gath Consulting Engineers
  56. Gathaiya Njagi & Partners
  57. Gathara & Partners Consulting Engineers
  58. Gauff H P Ingenieure
  59. Geomax Consulting Engineers
  60. Gillex East Africa Limited
  61. Global Engineering
  62. Goro Consultants
  63. Howard Humphreys (East Africa) Ltd
  64. J O & Associates
  65. Jirani Accurate Engineering
  66. Kaburu Okelo & Partners
  67. Kaigutha & Partners
  68. Katoconsult & Associates
  69. Keipet Consultants Ltd
  70. Kem Associates
  71. Kirubi Karis & Partners
  72. Kisa & Partners Consulting Engineers
  73. Kitololo Consultants
  74. Lexcom Engineering Ltd
  75. Loadline Engineering Services
  76. Log Associates Ltd
  77. Logiplan Engineering Consultants
  78. M & E Consulting Engineers
  79. Macharia & Partners Consulting Engineers
  80. Maiteri & Associates – Nairobi Branch
  81. Maiyo & Partners
  82. Maki-Consult
  83. Maknes Consulting Engineers Ltd
  84. Manor Consultants
  85. Mathis Consultants
  86. Mauzito Computers
  87. Mauzito Engineers
  88. Max Engineering & Planning Services Ltd
  89. Maxis Consultants
  90. Mece Consulting Engineers
  91. Metrix Intergrated
  92. Mokaya Ombengi Consulting Engineers
  93. Multiscope Consulting Engineers Ltd
  94. Ngilu Associates
  95. Nippon Koei Co Ltd
  96. Norconsult A.S
  97. Norken (K) Ltd
  98. Norken Ltd
  99. Norkun Intakes Ltd
  100. Ochieng’ Abuodha & Associates Ltd
  101. Orina & Partners
  102. Otieno Odongo & Partners
  103. Pacific Consultants International
  104. Paikar Consulting Engineers Ltd
  105. Parikh Sondhi & Associates
  106. Penspen Engineering Consultants
  107. Petrotrack Engineering Services Ltd
  108. Pisaroan Consulting Engineers
  109. Pisaroan Consulting Engineers
  110. Plant Makers Ltd
  111. Primeconsult
  112. Priya Engineering Services
  113. Professional Consultants
  114. Projects Office, The
  115. Rex Consultants
  116. Rock Link Geological Consultants Ltd
  117. Roughton Consulting Engineers
  118. Runji & Partners Consulting Engineers & Planners Ltd
  119. Sai Consulting Engineers Pvt Ltd
  120. Samez Consultants Ltd
  121. Samu Engineering Consultants Ltd
  122. Sapamo Consultants Ltd
  123. Servcon Associates Ltd
  124. Servconsult
  125. Seureca (E.A) Ltd
  126. Shako Kenya Ltd
  127. Sobocon Associates Ltd
  128. Soil Testing Laboratories Ltd
  129. Span Engineers
  130. Strana Consultants Ltd
  131. Stroutel Africa Ltd
  132. Struvil Africa Ltd
  133. Syldon & Partners Consulting Engineers Ltd
  134. Tamcon Consulting Engineers
  135. Tekno International Limited
  136. Tertiary Consulting Engineers Ltd
  137. Tertiary Consulting Engineers Ltd
  138. Tesla Services Ltd
  139. Uniconsult (K) Ltd
  140. Utmost Engineering Consultants Ltd
  141. Varsani Associates
  142. Vekta Consultants
  143. Wallukat Investments Ltd
  144. Wandua Consultants
  145. Wanjohi Mutonyi Consult Ltd
  146. Wanjohi Mutonyi Consult Ltd
  147. Wings Engineering Services Ltd
  148. Xenocon Consulting Engineers
  149. Zam Consult
  150. Zpojawo Consulting Engineers

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