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Fashion in Kenya – Fashion Designers in Kenya

Kenyan Fashion – Fashion in Kenya

Fashion Designers in Kenya have come of age. The trends seen on the streets today were unheard of ten years ago. With the fashion world changing daily, we have had to try and catch up with the rest of the world, and this includes the fashion trend-setters who are mostly found in the capital, Nairobi. Fashion Designers in Kenya are coming up at every corner of the country, all hoping that their designs will catch the eye of a big shot in the fashion industry, hence finding themselves on the glossy pages of our fashion magazines, and thus guaranteeing themselves higher sales.

Fashion in Kenya – Kenyan Fashion

One may have a good piece of garment, but if accessorized wrongly, or if put on the wrong body type, may prove disastrous, thus defeating the purpose for which it was designed for. This is where the model scouts come in. These are the people who walk around in major towns looking for ladies who can work the runway with ease, who have the right body type and posture, and also possess the smile that would sell the product for which they are marketing. They also scout for talented designers whose talent is yet to be discovered and experienced.

Fashion show in Kenya as you all know is till part of modeling. This is a celebration that models showcase clothes, ornaments and jewelries from different culture.

It’s the most highly participated by models because it’s well paying. By this I mean all models participating end up getting a reward for participation. The organizers normally pay the models per show and this keep s the model moving. Compared to beauty pageant, fashion show is fair and worth the efforts. This is because when you participate in beauty pageant you spend so much money and effort but in the long run it’s only the winner who gets the prize and the rest gain nothing.

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Fashion Events in Kenya

Nairobi Fashion Market

The event provides a platform for the smaller retailers, designers and entrepreneurs in the product, accessory, lifestyle, art and fashion industries to promote, market, test and position their products and brands. The events enable interaction with several thousand potential buyers over a weekend of sales, promotion and product education and the opportunity to establish long term business relationships with the market.

The day provides for casual shopping for a wide range of items. Kids enjoy the play areas and visitors relaxed in outdoor chill-out zones, bars and concession areas. During the day visitors are entertained by glittering fashion shows from Kenya’s top and upcoming designers, and live music entertainment from the best of Kenyan talent.

Nairobi Fashion Week

The Nairobi Fashion Week is a fashion industry event that allows fashion designers, brand or ”houses” to display their latest collections in runway shows and enables buyers to take a look at the latest trends.

Strut It Afrika Fashion Week

The event is a two day fashion extravaganza and art exhibition that is poised to receive unprecedented press exposure and bring notoriety to African designers and African visual artists. It will also promote networking among the leading fashion industry professionals including buyers/sellers, fashion journalists, trendsetters, and consumers.

Samantha Bridal Wedding Fair

The Samantha’s Bridal Wedding Fair is an exciting 4-day event filled with fashion, beauty and style. It is Kenya’s most dynamic and effective place to meet leading industry players in the wedding, beauty, honeymoon, fashion, affluent women and their families

Fashion in Kenya - Fashion Designers in Kenya

Fashion in Kenya – Fashion Designers in Kenya

Top Fashion Designers in Kenya – Fashion Designers in Nairobi

Ann Mccreath – Kiko Romeo

Category: Fashion Designers in Kenya

Kiko Romeo specializes in making ethically sound products, cut to international fashion trends using African made fabrics, often with handcrafted details. Kiko Romeo shop is on 1st Floor of the Yaya Centre, Kilimani and Nairobi. It’s open Mon-Sat 9.30am – 7pm, Sun 10.30am-6pm –

As top African fashion designer,Ann Mccreath designs patterned and print finishes that accentuate the African spirit and diversity in both men’s and women’s clothing.

Wambui Mukenyi

Category: Fashion Designers in Kenya

Wambui Mukenyi is a self- taught Kenyan fashion designer who creates luxurious fabric attire with a notable touch of African style. Wambui pieces are for ladies and brandish a tangible glimpse of class and elegance showing a mark of a top Kenyan clothing designer. Wambui Mukenyi collection includes dresses with patterned designs, skirts with bold colored schemes and she also does Kenyan bridal dresses.

John Kaveke

Category: Fashion Designers in Kenya

John Kaveke pieces are multifaceted in their design aspect. Kaveke makes stylish pieces for both men and women and some of his work have been featured in numerous International catwalks such as M-Net Face Africa in Nigeria and the Big Brother Africa house in South Africa.

Moo Cow – Wambui Njogu

Category: Fashion Designers in Kenya – Kenyan Fashion Designers

Wambui Njogu is the founder of Moocow fashion brand and her work ranks her among the top fashion designers in Kenya. Wambui specializes in producing fashion dresses, linen separates, and leather waistcoats. Her designs offer a traditional look such as her Turkana Aprons. Her designs are inspired by Kenya from the raw materials to the artistry that is reflected in the pieces. She is the one on your right-hand side.

Shenu Hooda

Category: Fashion Designers in Kenya

Shenu Hooda is a well known name in the Kenyan Fashion Industry. A great blend of Kenyan and Pakistani fashion makes Shenu’s collection unique and sets her apart from all eastern designers in Kenya.


Category: Fashion Designers in Kenya

POISA deals with Fashion and Ethnic Jewellery Design. Their products ranges from Menswear, Women’s Wear, Ethnic Jewellery, Uniquely African Ties and Afro centric Clutch Purses.

Faith ‘Manciny’ Migwi

Category: Fashion Designers in Kenya

She established herself in 2012, and one of her pioneering creations is a men’s bag with an eco-friendly design. She is mostly into men’s wear. Her designs bring out chic and simplicity in their details. She is one of the several Kenyan fashion designers owning a brand, Eqo-Chic, which stays true to her theme of eco-friendliness and elegant fashion appeal. Materials that she uses include VHS tapes and recycled plastic that are woven and made into elegant yet simple colors and forms.

Mercy Makena

Category: Fashion Designers in Kenya

Mercy started small, actually from the downtown market of Ngara. From there on she’s made her mark through her diligent works of art becoming a top fashion designer in Kenya. Her work is African-inspired and reveals her passion and prowess to bring her work to life. She gets her fabric from China, which is of admirable quality and her finished products reflect the ingenuity of her work.

Evelyne Adongo

Category: Fashion Designers in Kenya

Evelyne Adongo is one of the successful and creative Kenyan fashion designers. Her high-end fashion brand, Akinyi Odongo, makes chic pieces for the modern woman. Evelyne work reflects innovativeness and luxurious finishes. She has taken part in numerous Kenya fashion events and also makes designs for Kenya’s First Lady, Margaret Kenyatta.

Deepa Dosaja

Category: Fashion Designers in Kenya

Deepa Dosaja was born in Nairobi but later moved to Canada where she received her degree in fashion design. Dasaja brand brings out a stylish, high-class feel that appeals both to the expanding Kenyan fashion industry and internationally too. Ranking among the top Kenyan fashion designers, she designs pieces that show a consistency in harmony and a touch of wildness in the prints.

Liz Ogumbo

Category: Fashion Designers in Kenya

This multi-talented Kenyan fashion designer owns the Imani House of Fashion. Her pieces reflect enticing and attractive African designs. Liz has displayed her work in numerous fashion events internationally such as the South African Fashion Week. She also models and is a musician and author.

Patricia Mbela

Category: Fashion Designers in Kenya

Patricia Mbela is the founder of Poises and one of the Kenyan fashion designers. She specializes in African-inspired art and brings this into her apparel and jewelry. Patricia’s work has seen her receive the Top Kenyan Fashion and Jewelry Designer in 2014 Kenyan Fashion Week. She crafts designs for both men and women.

 List of fashion designers in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all fashion designers in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the boutiques in Kenya websites.

  1. Abro Exclusive Fashions
  2. Adobe Investments Ltd
  3. Alvo Enterprises
  4. Anniel Fashions
  5. Aquad Enterprises
  6. Association Of Fashion Designers Of Kenya (AFADK)
  7. Bacline Designers
  8. Bella Models
  9. Bellisimo Fashion
  10. Benmah Tailors
  11. Best Of Taita’s Design
  12. Bobstar Fashions
  13. Bonk Ltd
  14. California Fashions
  15. Carmar Fashions
  16. Cha Cha Moyo
  17. Connie Aluoch Styling Management
  18. Craydon Fashions
  19. Elmo Designed Ltd
  20. Evanolich Enterprises
  21. Evelyn College of Design
  22. EWCA Marketing (K) Ltd
  23. Excel Garment Designers
  24. Executive Fashion Designers
  25. Fabguru Redefining Fabulosity
  26. Fashion Brands Ltd
  27. Fashion in Kenya – Fashion Designers in Kenya
  28. Fashion Moments
  29. Fashion Ninty Nine (99)
  30. Francolini Exclusive (K) Ltd
  31. Fransam Ltd
  32. G. R. Collections
  33. Genias African Designs
  34. Glamour Fashions
  35. Hannan Fashion
  36. Ihsani Culture House
  37. Imandy Modelling Agency
  38. Inside Africa Fashions
  39. Integrated Modelling & Talent Management
  40. Irene Kiruri
  41. Johari Designs
  42. Jostex Designers
  43. Kasam Designs
  44. Kasu Collections
  45. Kenvogue Designers
  46. Keri Fashions
  47. Kiko Romeo
  48. Kingly Fashions Ltd
  49. Koki Designs
  50. La – Elegant
  51. La Casa Designers
  52. La Designs Kenya
  53. La Glamour Designs
  54. LedVintage Clothing and Beyond
  55. Lilies Fabrique Fashion House
  56. Lixoo Ice Cream
  57. Mbogori Fashions
  58. Mbumbo Centre
  59. Mbuvi
  60. Mcensal School of Fashion Design
  61. Mojrad Fashions
  62. Moksh Fashion Boutique
  63. Moseline Fashions
  64. Muse Fashions
  65. Nyaudo Fashion House Ltd
  66. Okapi Fashions
  67. Pendo Creations
  68. Poisa Ltd
  69. Rialto Fashions
  70. Robert Fashions
  71. Roma Designs
  72. Sajman Designs
  73. Samaflomo Designers & Outfitters
  74. Samafre
  75. Samwa Fashion
  76. Sarabi Fashions
  77. Serendipity Investments Ltd
  78. Shaboleos Boutique
  79. Sharp Ends Designs
  80. Spectrum Design Ltd
  81. Spike Collections Ltd
  82. Steps Fashion
  83. Sue’s Onelook Fashions
  84. Surazuri Casting & Consultancy Ltd
  85. Tha House of Blue Designers
  86. The Dark Room
  87. The Print Factory
  88. Tijan International School of Art & Design
  89. Timnje Designers
  90. Ugo Garments And Accessories
  91. Urbanworth
  92. Vitenge Galore
  93. Wachiku Investment
  94. Wathii Designers
  95. Wedding Solutions
  96. Xcellent Fashion Design
  97. Yaka Yeke
  98. Zizi Creations

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