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Finance Companies in Kenya

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Finance Companies in Kenya

Finance Companies in Kenya are companies platforms in Kenya that aim to revolutionize the way businesses source for financing. They utilize their proprietary technology to allow businesses (suppliers) to seamlessly obtain competitive financing backed by receivables from a pool of professional investors and lenders.

Finance Companies in Kenya – Asset Financing

Finance Companies in Kenya have provided middle and lower class Kenyans with simple and affordable access to asset financing. They boast a clean track record, a reputable portfolio and client base of many customers. Through our SME LPO Financing, SMS Mobile Banking and Micro Business Training services, they not only seek to empower the unbanked population, but also to become your convenient and trusted financial partner.

Finance Companies in Kenya Photo

Finance Companies in Kenya Photo

Finance Companies – Major investors

This companies  promote a savings culture and home ownership among the citizens of newly independent Kenya. Major investors in these companies include the Commonwealth Development Corporation  and Government.

Finance Companies  – Products

Here are the loan Products that they offer:

  • Business Loans
  • Asset Finance
  • Plots Financing
  • Quick / Emergency Cash Loan
  • Higher Education / School Fees Loans
  • Insurance Premium Financing
  • Import Duty & Port Charges Financing
  • Check Off Loans
  • Safirisha Truck Financing
  • Insurance Policies.

Finance Companies

A comprehensive list of Finance Companies in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the finance companies in Kenya websites.

List of Finance Companies

  1. ABMA Consulting Ltd
  2. Accotax Ltd
  3. ACDC- Women Development Program
  4. Acropolis Consultants
  5. AfriBiz Consultancy Ltd
  6. African Guarantee Fund
  7. Arbor Corporate Partners
  8. BaseRock Capital
  9. Bicomm Consultants
  10. Bridgeworks Africa Ltd
  11. Centomony Ltd
  12. Citidell Co Ltd
  13. Cost Planning Services Ltd
  14. Craft Silicon Ltd
  15. Credit Partners Ltd
  16. Dalberg Global Development Advisors Kenya Ltd
  17. Dan And Anderson Associates
  18. Danjo Ricing Investments
  19. Deloitte Kenya
  20. Eagles East Africa Ltd-Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO)
  21. Executive & Corporate Advisory Services (K) Ltd
  22. F P I Financial Planning International Mondial
  23. Fidelity Financial Services Ltd
  24. Financial Academy & Technologies
  25. Financial Information Services (FIS)
  26. Financial Training Solution
  27. Finconsult Co Ltd
  28. First Africa E A Ltd
  29. Focas Tree International Ltd
  30. Franklin Management Consultants Ltd
  31. Global Economic Investments & Financial Consultancy (GEIFIC) Ltd
  32. HanVard Africa
  33. Inka Services Ltd
  34. Interest Rates Advisory Centre Ltd
  35. Interest Research Bureau (K) Ltd
  36. J E W Financial Advisory
  37. Kenya Bankers Association
  38. Lattice Consulting Ltd
  39. Maina Kinywa & Co
  40. Matengo & Associates
  41. Metro Credit Ltd
  42. Nacity Consultant Ltd
  43. Nelson & Associates Financial Consultants
  44. Pamoja Capital Ltd
  45. Petgra Consultants Ltd
  46. Pinnacle Projects Ltd
  47. Pioneer Financial Serices Association
  48. Portfolio Planning Financial Consulting Ltd
  49. Prestige Management Solutions
  50. Professional Investment Consultants Ltd
  51. Prudential Capital Ltd
  52. Qwetu Capital Kenya
  53. Remotix Solutions Ltd
  54. Rock Asset Management
  55. Spanken Ltd
  56. Structured Capital Ltd
  57. Superview Investment Ltd
  58. Swedfund International AB
  59. Technical Management Solutions
  60. Thakrar Financial Consultants
  61. The Business Advisory Group Ltd
  62. The Selling Point Limited
  63. Unclaimed Property Assets register (K) Ltd
  64. Venture Capital & Credit Ltd
  65. VFS International
  66. Welman Group Ltd

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